Advanced English – Test 2

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I'm busy this week, so I won't be able to help you.
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My boss expects me to finish the whole project in one week.
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I know that this is hard to understand, but I'm sure that in the long run you'll find that he did you a favor by firing you.
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In his previous position he worked in the online sales department and he did a very good job there, but since he's been transferred to the showroom he hasn't been hitting his targets as well as he used to.
4 out of 19
I'm going to bed
5 out of 19
This isn't a good time to demand a pay raise for the whole department. You'll end up getting us all fired!
6 out of 19
Your teacher has already agreed to postpone your test twice. Asking her to postpone it a third time will too much!
7 out of 19
I forgot to call her on her birthday.
8 out of 19
What's that word I'm looking for; I'm sure I know it.
9 out of 19
Since her husband passed away, she's been looking for something to do in her spare time.
10 out of 19
He took his shotgun and started shooting in every direction.
11 out of 19
Before we start this war, we have to define our goals.
12 out of 19
The tsunami destroyed everything in its path.
13 out of 19
I was trying to find the solution for two days and then I suddenly figured it out.
14 out of 19
You should really try to help out more around the house.
15 out of 19
The rogue dictator won't be around for long.
16 out of 19
All the stocks that he's bought in the past month have gone up.
17 out of 19
Listen, I appreciate your social status and professional experience, but I still think you're totally wrong.
18 out of 19
I used up all my savings to pay for my wedding and now that I'm unemployed, I can't afford to pay my rent and utilities.
19 out of 19

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