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If you’ve reached this page, you’re likely interested in learning French, one of the most beautiful and useful languages in the world – a fine choice! Now you have another choice to make – how should you learn it?

Schedule private lessons with a teacher? It’s unlikely you’ll find a good enough teacher near your home and if so, your wallet will probably have to bear the cost.

Sign up for a group course in a language school? You’ll probably find yourself spending much time getting ready, driving and finding a parking space, only to settle for saying a sentence or two during the entire lesson, as there are 15-20 other students with you in the classroom.

Look for free French learning materials on the internet, or maybe watch some pre-recorded lessons? We believe that a dedicated teacher, providing personal attention according to his or her student’s specific abilities and needs, has a critical importance in the process of turning information into knowledge and supplying the student with an actual practical tool.

At LingoLearn, we offer you a solution that brings forward all the advantages of the above methods, while avoiding obstacles and inconveniences which cost you time and money: private French lessons with a teacher – online! 

learn french online

LingoLearn is an online language school which offers private and group French courses. The lessons are taught by experienced native speaking teachers with whom you interact through our virtual classroom, which enables you to write, speak, hear and see your teacher – exactly like you would in a private lesson.

Courses are customized to your needs and abilities and include quality learning materials, which highly contribute to your progress. You have the option of choosing the lessons’ focus – going to France on vacation soon? Ask your tutor to teach you how to order food at a restaurant. Want to read “The Little Prince” in its original language? We will make sure to teach you the necessary vocabulary and concentrate on improving your reading skills.

Want to start learning French right now? Easy – all you need is a computer, headset and an internet connection – and you’re good to go!

After you successfully finish our French course, you will no longer need a French dictionary or translator in your next vacation in France. You’ll be able to communicate in restaurants, pubs and ask for information – just like the French!

learn french online

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