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Why Japanese?

Japanese is the key to understanding the unique culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan has long been an economic powerhouse and the gateway to The East, its economy and culture. Although Japan has shown openness towards the western world, most Japanese do not speak English fluently and therefore knowledge of Japanese is a big advantage for anyone that wants to gain access to Japanese society, for business purposes for example. A working knowledge of Japanese is also of great importance when navigating the complex structure of rules and codes of social behavior and Japanese etiquette.

learn japanese online

Japanese Beginners Course

We offer a Japanese beginners course for students with no previous background with the language. More advanced courses are tailor fit to the level and needs of each particular student.  The Japanese beginners course aims to provide students with the tools needed to learn Japanese. Building a strong foundation of familiarity with the basic components of the language is a big step forward and will make the learning process easier and more effective. Chances are that Japanese is different from any other language you speak and therefore this foundation is of utmost importance.

What will we learn in the Japanese course?

1. Basic Japanese grammar and sentence structure, with the aim of understanding how the Japanese language “works”

2. Basic vocabulary that will provide students with the necessary building blocks to construct simple everyday sentences and phrases

3. How to read very simple texts

4. Conversation: we will practice conducting simple dialogs that will be useful in any kind of interaction with Chinese speaking people.

How much progress can be made during one course?

The Japanese beginners course is an introduction of sorts to this wonderful language. Students who complete the course will surely want to continue on to more advanced courses, but they will have already acquired an understanding of how the language “works”, basic vocabulary and the ability to use basic words and sentences. Such students will still be far from being able to speak Japanese fluently, but they will certainly be a lot closer to fulfilling that dream; since the first and most important step of learning any new language and especially Japanese, is to understand the basic structures and components of the target language.

learn japanese online

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