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Always dreamt of learning or improving your Hebrew?

Now is the time to make your dream come true, by learning Hebrew online with experienced teachers at LingoLearn!

Lingolearn has been teaching Hebrew for more than 3 years to students from all around the world, including MIT students who come to study in Israel.

Enjoy our unique advantages:

  • Experienced Israeli teachers providing personal tutoring in a state-of-the-art virtual classroom
  • Don’t settle for prescheduled, large grup courses – our private, one-on-one lessons are the most efficient, flexible and effective solution 
  • Affordable prices – 30% lower than other schools offering private lessons
  • Gain priceless knowledge and start speaking, reading and writing in Hebrew
  • Enjoy the benefits of high-quality Hebrew learning, regardless of where you live

learn hebrew online

Watch the following sample video from one of our online Hebrew courses: 

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Hebrew courses online – What are we going to learn?

Hebrew, in its classical and ancient forms, has been around for thousands of years. Modern Hebrew embodies the coming together of the cultural and historical richness of the past, with the needs and complexities of modern life. You can choose between group courses and private lessons – we’ll assign you a teacher who will best suit your level and specific needs.  

  • The Hebrew alphabet – Did you know that the word “alphabet” is taken from the name of the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet – “Aleph” and “Bet”?
  • Basic Hebrew words and phrases – Did you know that the phrase “Mazal Tov” literally means good luck, but actually means congratulations (commonly used at weddings, birthdays, and other happy occasions)?
  • How to read sentences and basic texts – Did you know that Hebrew sentences are typically shorter than English sentences? The reason for this is that Hebrew is a “frugal” language which “squeezes” as much information into every word as possible.
  • Basic Hebrew grammar and syntax – Did you know that in Hebrew, adjectives come after nouns, whereas in English they come before nouns? So in Hebrew you would say “yom tov” (“day good”), instead of “good day”.
  • Basic conversation skills – Did you know that for many ultra-orthodox Jews, Hebrew is considered a Holy Language, to be used only for prayer and not for daily mundane conversation?
learn hebrew online

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