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English is undeniably the most important and useful language in the world. That’s no secret, but what many people want to know is how to improve their English proficiency level quickly and effectively.

There are of course many ways to improve your English. On the one hand, you can try to learn on your own, using various resources, such as the free learning resources and English grammar quizzes online, we offer on our site. However, if you want to improve your English, in such a way that will allow you to use the language with confidence and without grammar mistakes, you need a teacher to guide and direct you.

Learning English Online

The following video is taken from an English lesson at Lingolearn :

Don’t compromise on anything less than Learning English online with :

  • Native speaking teachers
  • High quality learning materials
  • Comfortable learning environment

LingoLearn’s English campus offers students all those crucial elements, at affordable prices. Learn english through an online English course with experienced native speaking teachers and high quality learning materials, in a state of the art virtual classroom, from the comfort of your home. 

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What are the advantages of LingoLearn’s online English courses virtual classroom?

Many students want to know what the difference is between learning English with Skype and learning English in a state of the art virtual classroom. The former is great for conversations with friends and family, but is not suited to the needs of students, who are serious about improving readind, writing and conversation skills. The virtual classroom allows students and teachers to share different forms of media and documents, including Power-Point-Presentations and video clips. Students and teachers write on the same whiteboard and read the same texts, as if they were in a conventional classroom.

Which online English courses are the best for me? 

At LingoLearn.com, we’ll help you decide which online English course best suits your level and needs. For students who prefer learning in a group setting, we offer online English course in a group, whereas students that prefer studying with a teacher one-on-one, can take private lessons.


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Our online English course structure is very dynamic and courses are often modified to suit students’ specific needs and requests. For example, our Beginner Level online English course teaches basic vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure, while inducing active conversation amongst participants, as much as possible. However, students taking this course sometimes want to learn how to write e-mails, so this subject is sometimes incorporated into the lessons.

The Beginner Level online English course is designed to build a strong base that can help develop simple conversation skills and enable more advanced learning in the future. The Intermediate Level online English course is designed to help students that can already communicate in English at a basic level, but who want to strengthen their skills, improve sentence structure, grammar and pronunciation and especially gain more confidence when speaking English.

Our Advanced Level online English course is designated for students who are already able to speak English with relatively high confidence and would like to achieve a higher level of fluency, through intensive practice. Here as well, our teachers show a lot of flexibility, incorporating Business English content into the lessons, when this is requested by the students.

For students that have a relatively high English proficiency level and that want to get ahead in the business world; but feel that their active English speaking skills in business settings just aren’t up to par; we offer our Business English course Online. This online English course covers all the central themes relevant to today’s global business world. Among other things, we’ll learn about interviews, writing e-mails and formal letters, business negotiations and much more.

Finally, for students that are interested in learning English for purposes of travel, we offer our Travel English course. This online English course will give you the tools you need to communicate with confidence in situations that you are likely to find yourself in during a trip abroad: at a tourist agency, in a shop or market, in a hotel or restaurant, in a taxi or airplane and so on.

We have tailored our online English courses for people from different backgrounds, so it doesn’t matter where you’re from and what your English level is, we have a course tailored especially for you!

Most importantly, in all our online English courses, you’ll have lots of time to practice speaking English.

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