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Would you like to start learning Greek? With Lingolearn, you can take live courses with native speaking teachers suitable for all levels in a virtual classroom. We offer the following:

  • Personal guidance from experienced native-speaking Greek teachers
  • Learning from the comfort of your home – No need to waste time and money on travel, just go online 1 minute before the lesson starts and you are ready to learn!
  • Scheduling flexibility – Stop missing out on pre-scheduled lessons. Decide on the best dates for each lesson, and schedule directly with your teacher without committing to a fixed schedule.
  • Dynamic curriculum tailored to your level and needs 
learn greek online

Watch the following demo video from LingoLearn’s online Greek course:

Why should I start learning Greek ?

Well, Greek is an amazing language to learn! Firstly, if you go on vacation in Greece, being able to communicate with the locals will make a huge difference and enhance your traveling experience. In addition to that, Greek is one of the world’s most ancient languages! Wouldn’t you like to speak the same language Aristotle and Socrates spoke? So why not take this chance and start something new and exciting, which will broaden your horizons – all from the comfort of your home?


Learn Greek with LingoLearn.com

We live in a time when many people struggle with hectic schedules, leaving little to no time to do what they actually want and are passionate about. The advantages of learning Greek with LingoLearn are crystal clear. Being able to study a new language with professionally trained teachers from your own home, or wherever suits you, when all you need is an internet connection, is simply a no-brainer solution. LingoLearn offers you the opportunity to learn how to talk like a native speaker, using materials and resources at the highest quality, tailored to your personal level and specific needs. By taking Greek lessons with LingoLearn, you enjoy convenience, affordability and effectiveness – all in one amazing package.

learn greek online

Learn Greek – Free Resources

1. Greek Conversation

2. Greek Alphabet Spelling – Instructional Video

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