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The Portuguese language is spoken by about 200 million people across the world. Most of the Portuguese speaking people live in Brazil, but the language is also spoken in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Macau, East Timor and of course, Portugal.

Learning Portuguese online is not an impossible dream. It doesn’t matter if your reason for learning is travelling to a Portuguese speaking country or whether it’s your new business partner who speaks it. In any case, online Portuguese learning is an effective and easily acquirable solution, even more than you may think.

With LingoLearn, you can learn Portuguese online with teachers in an advanced virtual classroom and excellent learning materials.

The courses are suitable to all levels – beginners and advanced Portuguese speakers alike.

Our lessons include high quality materials and native speaking teachers, providing you instruction on how to talk, hear and understand one of the world’s most ancient languages.

learn portuguese online

Our experience suggests that the best way of learning a language is creating a timetable where the student participates actively in a lesson and afterwards works on his or her own practicing the material. The virtual classroom has even more advantages. Unlike self-learning, the student has a teacher he or she can go to if they need help, want to ask questions or to focus on something they find interesting and meaningful. The course doesn’t have a rigid syllabus but a dynamic lesson plan, which changes according to the students’ needs. With the help of our experienced teachers, the student can discover the delicate nuance of accent and pronunciation.

One of the biggest advantages LingoLearn has to offer is the option to buy a package of one-hour private lessons with a teacher. Purchasing a package helps the student commit to learning Portuguese online and also decreases costs.

Want to start learning Portuguese now? All you need is a computer, a headset and an internet connection – and you’re good to go!

learn portuguese online

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