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Meet LingoLearn's team of excellent teachers:


Arabic Teachers


Ebtisam has a B.A. in Arabic and Arabic literature and a teaching qualification. Ebtisam lives with her husband and daughter. She speaks Arabic, Hebrew, English and French. Want to learn Arabic with Ebtisam? Click here to contact us for more information


Jina has a B.A degree in Special Education and Arabic and an M.A in Special Education, specializing in emotional disorders and behavioral problems. Over the years, Jina has been working in various educational systems, a fact which has significantly contributed to her career development. Jina enjoys good movies, traveling and shopping. Jina teaches Arabic for all levels. Want to learn Arabic with Jina? Click here to contact us for more information


Suheir has a B.A. degree in Arabic and Geography, in addition to a teaching certificate. Suheir has been teaching spoken Arabic at a local school for four years now. Suheir has a great passion for the Arabic language and also for teaching it; she strives to make learning the language as interesting and colorful as possible; she believes that when the learning material is truly interesting for the teacher, students become interested and enthusiastic about it as well. Suheir has been enjoying writing poetry (in classic Arabic) from a young age; her poetry is published in local websites. Want to learn Arabic with Suheir? Click here to contact us for more information


Natalie has extensive experience in teaching Arabic literature in various settings. Natalie is engaged in translating from Arabic to Hebrew and English for four years. Natalie is pleasant, smiling, patient and extremely strict. Want to learn Arabic with Natalie? Click here to contact us for more information


Dor is a Media student. Dor has vast experience in translating and teaching both spoken and literary Arabic for individuals and groups in all levels. Want to learn Arabic with Dor? Click here to contact us for more information


Ofer holds a B.A. and a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies, as well as an Arabic teaching diploma. Ofer has 3 years’ experience as a university teaching assistant, providing lessons to graduating students, and has taught Arabic to junior high and high school students for an additional 3 years. Currently, Ofer serves as a an 8th grade home room teacher. Ofer’s knowledge and admiration of the Arabic language stems from his grandparents’ home, both of whom are immigrants from Egypt. He now considers Arabic a hobby too, dedicating some of his spare time to reading Arab literature. Ofer also enjoys hiking, bike riding, and the beauty and tranquility of his area of residence. Want to learn Arabic with Ofer? Click here to contact us for more information


Hebrew Teachers


David holds a teaching diploma from the “David Yellin” teachers’ college in Jerusalem, specializing in literatature and theatre. His B.A. in education is from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. David has extensive experience teaching Hebrew, both in public schools and private institutions. At LingoLearn, David teaches Hebrew at all levels. Want to learn Hebrew with David? Click here to contact us for more information


Ido has three years’ experience teaching Hebrew at the IDF; he has taught English for two years in private organizations and as a LingoLearn teacher. He especially enjoys observing students’ progress from the beginning of the course, helping them acquire lingual skills, and having open conversations, thereby combining discussion of interesting subjects and learning. In his free time Ido likes reading in Hebrew and English and working with graphic design, an area which he studied in high-school and desires to continue learning in the future. Want to learn Hebrew with Ido? Click here to contact us for more information


Spanish Teachers


Anonio is a Spanish teacher with a vast experience of 22 years, instructing native speakers and foreigners alike in all levels. Antonio derives great pleasure from his students’ desire to learn about a new culture, and especially enjoys hearing beginners talk Spanish as soon as they start learning. He lives in the beautiful town of Jarabacoa, “city of the eternal Spring” in the Dominican Republic, where he likes spending long hours receiving a natural body massage from the local waterfall. Want to learn Spanish with Antonio? Click here to contact us for more information


Karin is a graduate of theatre studies. Nowadays she studies Nutrition Science at university. For 8 years, Karin was volunteering teaching children as part of a special program focusing on values of education and morality. Karin enjoys teaching, mostly from getting to know each student personally, the general positive atmosphere in class and… fun. Fun is the most important value for her during the teaching process. At her leisure time, Karin is engaged with theatre, both as an actor and as an observer. Karin lives in Cochbamda, Bolivia, which is populated mostly with native South Americans; There, she gets the opportunity to learn extensively about various cultures and languages. Today, Karin makes efforts learning Chinese and Quechua. Want to learn Spanish with Karin? Click here to contact us for more information


Chinese Teachers


Sujanti is a highly experienced Mandarin teacher. She enjoys writing and teaching Mandarin Chinese. She got her Bachelor Degree in Informatics and Computer Technology from Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya, Surabaya – Indonesia. Want to learn Mandarin with Sujanti? Click here to contact us for more information


English Teachers


Yedidia specializes in one-on-one English teaching for every age and purpose. He holds a B.A. and teaching certificate in English and English literature. Yedidya teaches English proficiently, but most importantly – with a broad smile and plenty of patience. Want to learn English with Yedidya? Click here to contact us for more information


Yildiz was born and raised in Holland. She speaks English and Dutch as mother tongues. She holds a B.A. in Social Sciences and has a wide experiencing teaching adult art and psychology. Yildiz enjoys meeting and instructing people from different backgrounds through her teaching. She makes efforts adjusting the lessons and exercises to the needs and abilities of her students in an individual, creative and enjoyable manner. In her free time, Yildiz likes reading, writing, translating and spending time with her friends. Want to learn English with Yildiz? Click here to contact us for more information


Eli was born and raised in Kolkata, India. He has a B.A. degree with honors in history, philosophy and economy from Sussex University; his M.A. is in history and the arts of theatre, from Toronto University, where he was also certified for teaching. Eli has gained a wide experience in the printed press, radio and television. In 1974, he commenced his teaching career as an ESL and ESOL teacher. He has taught English at all levels, from beginners to academic (Cambridge) level, doing so in various countries among which are The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and Spain. Eli enjoys teaching professional subjects, such as – business, social circumstances, journalism and negotiation. Eli also speaks Spanish fluently. Want to learn English with Eli? Click here to contact us for more information


Ilana was born in South Africa. She has a B.A. in English Literature and Applied Linguistics and an English Teaching Certificate. Ilana teaches English for individuals and groups at all levels. Her creativity and passion for teaching are well reflected during classes. Ilana engages the student in the learning process, doing so by creating a positive and enjoyable learning atmosphere. In her free time, Ilana writes educational content for international publishers, as well as articles in various subjects. She also likes traveling and writing children’s literature. Want to learn English with Ilana? Click here to contact us for more information


Selah was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A., and made Aliyah to Israel in 2011. She has an M.A. in Social Anthropology from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, and a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults from the International Teacher Training Institute in Hastings, England. Selah has lived and worked as an English teacher to adult business executives in Finland, France, England, Ireland, and Israel. She has a keen interest in business, startup entrepreneurship, technology, economics, and geopolitics. In her spare time, Selah also works as a news writer and voiceover artist for an internet news agency. As a teacher, she is patient and cheerful, but also very goal-oriented. Want to learn English with Selah? Click here to contact us for more information


Japanese Teachers


Adar teaches Japanese at LingoLearn. She has 10 years of teaching experience behind her. Adar graduated with honors from Tel-Aviv University’s East Asia faculty. She was also among the founders of the East Asia Studies Faculty in Haifa University and taught Japanese there. Adar has spent 7 years in Japan. Adar has developed original teaching materials and books to help students learn Japanese in a structured manner. Want to learn Japanese with Adar? Click here to contact us for more information


Serbian Teachers


Strahinja, a Belgrade resident, holds a B.A from the Faculty of Economics in the University of Belgrade. He has worked as a Serbian teacher for foreigners in a Belgrade language school and taught English to children in Uzbekistan as part of a volunteer program. He enjoys being able to represent the Serbian culture and language to the world and removing the stigma around it (“inform people that Serbia and Siberia are not the same thing”, he adds). Strahinja is an avid traveler who likes visiting off-the-beaten-track destinations and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Want to learn Serbian with Strahinja? Click here to contact us for more information


Croatian Teachers


Majda holds a Master’s degree in Italian and Ukrainian language, literature and culture from the University of Zagreb. During the course of her academic studies, she participated in several Italian language courses, attending a semester at an Italian university in Sicily and working in a local childrens’ bookstore. Majda currently volunteers in several programs, providing tutoring to primary school pupils. She teaches Italian language and literature in Rijeka, Croatia. Majda enjoys overcoming difficulties together with her students, and seeing their progress. In her spare time, she likes translating, reading books, dancing, music, traveling and learning about new cultures. Want to learn Croatian with Majda? Click here to contact us for more information


Bosnian Teachers


Lola holds a Bachelor Degree and has 12 years’ experience as a teacher. She particularly enjoys sharing her knowledge with her students. Lola lives in beautiful Thailand and likes exploring and learning about cultures, people and history. Among her favorite hobbies are yoga and walking. Want to learn Bosnian with Lola? Click here to contact us for more information


French Teachers


Katia, a UK citizen, has a B.A. degree (honors) in tourism management; she also has a teaching certificate. Starting from 2002, Katia has been engaged in teaching Arabic, French, Greek and English for various levels and ages. Her great passion is to be able to speak a number of languages, in addition to those she speaks today; part of her passion stems from her will to learn and share her expansive knowledge in languages. She enjoys watching her students progressing and gaining confident using the new language they have learned. Besides teaching, Katia likes listening to music, dancing, travelling, seeing friends, cooking and different sports such as archery and basketball. Want to learn French with Katia? Click here to contact us for more information


ali lives in France and is an ex-resident of the USA and Israel. She speaks three languages: Hebrew, English and French. In the past, she was an Israeli educator specializing in Hebrew. The transition between states allowed her to learn the languages at a high and professional level, a process which also serves her nowadays in understanding the needs of students learning a foreign language. Want to learn French with Tali? Click here to contact us for more information


Italian Teachers


Sarah, born in Italy, has a Language Teaching certificate, a B.A. from Touro College, New York, and an English Teaching certificate. She speaks English and Italian as mother tongues. Sarah has gained 5-years’ experience teaching in Milano, Moscow and Israel. Sarah gets excited watching her students progressing and improving from one lesson to another. Today Sarah teaches English at a high-school. She is married and is growing an adorable baby. Among her hobbies: baking and cooking, especially Chocolate cakes. Want to learn Italian with Sarah? Click here to contact us for more information


Portuguese Teachers


Ariel, born in 1970, is a graduate of Psychology and Special Education and holds an M.A in Conflict Resolution Research. Ariel has been engaged for many years in informal education; he speaks Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. Ariel enjoys teaching in general and language teaching in particular. He describes it as “feeling my part in the process of expanding the horizons, thinking, consciousness, and eventually – expanding the student’s heart”. Ariel is an amateur musician and a football fan. Want to learn Portuguese with Ariel? Click here to contact us for more information


German Teachers


Etti has a B.A. in German Language in Literature; she also has a B.A. and M.A. in psychology from Mainz University in Germany. Since 2010, Eti teaches German and English privately and in an informal education organization, to all levels, for individuals and groups. Etti mostly enjoys seeing her students making their first steps in learning, while sharing their discoveries. Etti likes accompanying the learning process over time, acquiring vocabulary and grammar and developing confidence step-by-step. She is delighted seeing students becoming much more confident speaking a new language. Other than German and Hebrew, Etti speaks Spanish, Romanian and English. Want to learn German with Etti? Click here to contact us for more information

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