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LingoLearn’s internet language courses offer a wide variety of options to learn Amharic online, in either private lessons or a small group format. The courses are professionally built and fit to your level and needs, allowing you to learn Amharic quickly and easily. In our courses you will acquire Amharic vocabulary, learn grammar rules and most importantly, you will have a lot of time to practice conversation in Amharic.

Being a website that specializes in teaching languages, LingoLearn offers a simple, convenient and effective way of learning. With LingoLearn you can take classes of Amharic, and as we live in the digital world, our classrooms are virtual. Yet this is the only part that’s virtual; everything else, from materials to communications with the teacher, has a human and personal touch. The virtual classroom offers a real-time connection that allows the student to sit in the comfort of his home and face the learning of Amharic language online. This is done thanks to the help of an experienced teacher, when all the student needs is an internet connection and a microphone.

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Why should I learn Amharic online with LingoLearn?

First of all, proficiency of another language always gives a strong advantage. Whether it’s for the private or public sector, another language can always open many doors. Even though Amharic isn’t one of the most spoken or known languages in the world, it’s a very interesting and important language, especially in a country with a large immigration from Ethiopia like Israel or the United States. Amharic is one of the Semitic languages (a group that consists of Arabic and Hebrew) and it is considered to have the largest number of speakers among them, after Arabic.

For young Ethiopian immigrants who are not fluent in the language, learning Amharic could bridge between the new and the old generation. Also, for those are interested to trace their roots and preserve their culture, learning Amharic is the key.

The Amharic language is a challenging language to learn, and if interested in learning Amharic, you will need the guidance of a native-speaking teacher and understandable materials of high quality. This is the only way to learn a new language and establish a solid foundation of proper grammar and sentence structure, in addition to reading, writing and conversation skills. Today’s technology enables a fun yet effective Amharic learning experience in a virtual classroom, in a way that makes you feel as if the teacher is right next to you, guiding you through the entire process of learning.

Our virtual classroom has other advantages; unlike self-learning, the student has a teacher to turn to with questions or focus on subjects that are more interesting or relevant for him, personally or professionally. The course of the lesson is not predetermined and can be changed to progress according to the student’s needs. Our experienced teachers will not only introduce the student to a new language, but will teach him the nuances of accent and pronunciation for proper speech.

How to start learning Amharic online?

LingoLearn offers a wide variety of contents for the learning of Amharic. These contents are adjustable according to each and every student, depending on his progress throughout the lesson. Experience tells us that the best way to learn a language is to create a fixed schedule that includes a lesson with active participation, following independent practice on what the student has learned.

Therefore, we recommend that every student sets a weekly schedule in which he or she meets the teacher online for a private lesson or with other students by purchasing a package of lessons, in order for him to persevere in the learning of Amharic language. In LingoLearn, you could take online Amharic lessons as part of a group with several other students in the classroom, or you have the option to take private lessons with a teacher.

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