For Newbie Students: How to Improve My Chinese Level?

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

A newbie adult student just took Mandarin Chinese lessons for some months. He was a very diligent student, did a lot of improvement by reading Chinese advanced books, watching Chinese news, listening Chinese music, etc.

In his early lessons, he was just willing to learn how to use the advanced words, the difference between A and B advanced words, and the meaning of advance sentences. He learned a lot of words every day until he didn’t know which he has learned and not. Because of his actually level was newbie, he could not fully understood the advanced explanations.

As Chinese newbies, he weren’t willing to build a strong foundation in the basic level by making and modifying simple sentences until really understood the simple grammar forms. Instead, he learned from the advanced books he bought without consulting with his teacher. Then he found many complicated or advanced questions that he didn’t understand and finally, they made him more frequently confused than understood.

My advice for newbie students:

1. You should learn from the basic step by step. If you cannot pronounce Chinese tones well, you should pay attention on them in early lessons.

2. Don’t learn beyond your level. Learn most common daily words or phrases and simple grammar first until you can master them, such as you are learning double 了(le). Two 了(le)’s shows the action continues to the present.

Example 1:

I have been learning guitar for a year and a half. (still learning now)

Subject + Verb +了(le) + Adverb of Time + Object +了(le)


Try to make other similar sentences until you master the use of double 了(le).

3. As newbies, you cannot just want to learn what you want to learn. You still need to follow the guidance from your teacher.

Yes, of course, you need to improve your Chinese level by yourself.  However, if you want to buy a Chinese book, watch Chinese TV programs, listening Chinese music, and so on, you should consult with your teacher first. Don’t just buy a Chinese book without know whether it is suitable for your Chinese level or not.

I think, the best way is, if you want to improve your Chinese level, you can find books, music, television programs with similar level of your lesson materials.

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