Exercise 3:  How to say in Chinese?

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

$11.    Create your account.   

$12.    Sign in your account.

$13.    Please input the username.  

$14.    The username is invalid.

$15.    This username already exist.

$16.    Please enter the Password.

$17.    Re-Enter Password.

$18.    The Password is invalid

$19.    Password Reminder.

$110.The entered password doesn’t match its confirmation.

$111.The password is updated successfully

$112.A new password added successfully

$113.What if I forgot my password?

$114.Do you always forget your password?

$115.I have deleted my account number.

$116.Delete selected files and move them to Recycle Bin.

$117.Social Networking website is the new trend in human-internet communications.

$118.Please add me as your friend.

$119.I just invited you an add friend. Did you receive it?

$120.What is the email subject?

$121.Please check the trash box. The activation mail may be considered as spam, and moved to the trash box.

$122.Friend Confirmed.

$123.This is my URL.

$124.Please take a look at my profile.

$125.What do you mostly use these websites for?

$126.Subscribe our latest news. Please enter your email address.

$127.If you have any question, please fill these following form, we will answer you shortly.

$128.The computerized voice is available in multiple languages.

$129.Why suddenly my browser cannot be opened?

$130.What kind of internet do you use? Dial up, WIFI or Broadband?

$131.As I know, some systems and browsers are not compatible.

$132.In addition, some web pages are not based on Web 2.0 standard.

$133.If it still cannot be opened, I recommend you install another browser.

$134.It’s opened now. As it turns out, the internet was disconnected just now.

$135.The internet has changed our prospect.

$136.I not only like to surf the internet but also likes to play online game.

$137.Our society from innumerable internet websites invites people to contact each other.

$138.People who can use computers are a lot but most parents don’t understand the computer and the internet.

$139.Technology changes really quickly. It was the computer, now it’s the internet.

$140.Last night the computer was frozen again.

$141.The computer is both slow and get stuck.

$142.The computer is both fast and safe.

$143.Are you a technician or a computer programmer?

$144.You are so excellent even you can fix a computer.

$145.He thinks computer games can help old people to reverse their old and weak brains.

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