Chinese words for Take Care

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Chinese Words for Take Care:照顾(zhàogu= to take care of) ,在乎(zàihu=to care about someone/something in mind all times), and 关心(guānxīn=to care about)

I. 照顾(zhàogu= to take care of) is more used to take care of people than things, usually with physical attending. For things/animals, 照顾(zhàogu) means “keep an eye on them and don’t let anyone steal them.”


A: Can you help me to take care of my tropical fish?

A:你(nǐ​=you)能(néng​=can)帮(bāng=to help)我(wǒ=I) 照顾(zhào​gu=to take care of)我的(wǒde=my)热带鱼(rè​dài​yú=tropical fish)吗(ma)?

B: I’m (already) busy to take care of baby.

B:我(wǒ=I)都(dōu​=already – used for emphasis)忙(máng)着(zhe=continuous state)照顾(zhàogu=to take care of)宝宝(bǎo​bao=baby)了(le)。

II. 关心(guān​xīn=to care about) is used to care about people or issues with emotion. Usually, you want to do something (it’s like you want) to help him/her or solving the problems.

Example 1:

A: If you are sick, who does take care of you?

A: 如果(rú​guǒ​=if)你(nǐ=you)病(bìng)了(le)谁(shéi)照顾(zhào​gu=to take care of)你(nǐ=you)?

B: You are so concerned about me.

B: 你(nǐ=you)这么(zhè​me=so)关心(guān​xīn=to care about)我(wǒ=I)。

Example 2:

You are so concerned about the development of education of our country.

你(nǐ=you)这么(zhè​me=so​)关心(guān​xīn=to care about)国家(guójiā=country)教育(jiàoyù=education)的(de)发展(fāzhǎn=development)。

Example 3:

Don’t just care about sports matches, you also have to pay attention to your rest time.

你(nǐ=you)不要(bù​yào​=don’t)只(zhǐ=only)关心(guān​xīn= to care about)球赛(qiú​sài= sports match),也(yě=also)要(yào=have to)注意(zhùyì=to pay attention)休息(xiūxi=rest)时间(shíjiān=time)。

III. 在乎(zàihu) is used for people (frequently) or thing you feel very important and always think about her/him/it.

Example 1:

She is not only care about you, but she also always cares about you (in her mind) all times.

她(tā=she)不但(bù​dàn=not only​)关心(guān​xīn=to care about)你(nǐ=you),而且(ér​qiě=not only)还(hái=still)在乎(zàihu=to care about someone/something in mind all times) 你(nǐ=you)。

Example 2:

She cares (in my mind) about what you eat, what you wear, your happiness, health and money all times.

她(tā=she)在乎(zàihu= to care about someone/something in mind all times)你的(nǐ de=your)吃(chī=eat),穿(chuān=wear),快乐(kuài​lè=happiness),健康(jiàn​kāng=health)和(hé​=and)钱(qián=money)。

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