Chinese Exercise 64: The Order of Sentences

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Arrange the Sentences into Good Order

1. These people work in the office during the day, in the evening they wear the ragged clothes to earn extra income.

在(zài) -人(rén) -就(jiù)- 这些(zhè​xiē) -上班(shàng​bān)- 晚上(wǎn​shang)- 破烂(pòlàn) – 赚(zhuàn) – 衣服(yī​fu)- 外快(wàikuài) -白天(bái​tiān) -穿着(chuānzhuó) – 办公室(bàn​gōng​shì)

2. Some hours later, the selling ticket system in each station has restored to be normal.

恢复(huīfù) – 系统(xìtǒng) – 几(jǐ) – 后(hòu) – 站(zhàn) – 正常(zhèngcháng) – 小时(xiǎo​shí) -各(gè) -售票(shòupiào)

3. His bones, muscles, heart and lung’s systems are quite suited for running fast.

和(hé) – 都(dōu) – 骨骼(gǔgé) -适合(shìhé) – 肌肉(jīròu) – 肺(fèi) – 挺(tǐng) – 于(yú) – 他(tā) – 奔跑(bēnpǎo) – 心(xīn) – 系统(xìtǒng)

4. The judge of beauty contest stated, Lili’s figure is really perfect.

完美(wánměi)- 李丽(Lǐlì) – 评价(píngjià) – 真(zhēn) – 称(chēng) – 身材(shēncái)

5. In the opening ceremony, the celebrities will be gathered, the program is very wonderful.

节目(jié​mù) – 明星(míng​xīng) – 精彩(jīngcǎi)-都(dōu) -开幕式(kāimùshì) -上(shàng) -很(hěn) -云集(yúnjí)

6. In future, this forest park will become the biggest city public park in the world.

公共(gōnggòng)- 最(zuì) – 城市(chéngshì) – 成为(chéng​wéi) – 的(de) – 森林(sēnlín) – 这(zhè) – 世界(shì​jiè) – 公园(gōng​yuán​) -大(dà) -将(jiāng) – 公园(gōng​yuán​)

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