Chinese Exercise 61: The Order of Sentences

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Arrange the Sentences into Good Order

1. Israel is located in the Middle East, the west is bordered by Mediterranean Sea, and bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt

滨(bīn) – 黎巴嫩(Líbānèn) – 地处(dìchǔ) – 西(xī) – 地中海(DìzhōngHǎi) – 与(yǔ) – 叙利亚(Xùlìyà) – 与(yǔ) – 中东(Zhōngdōng) – 埃及(Āijí) 接壤(jiērǎng) – 以色列(Yǐsèliè) – 约旦(Yuēdàn)

2. Divide the awaken flour into small dinner balls.

面粉(miàn​fěn) – 醒(xǐng) – 的(de) – 好(hǎo) –小记子(xiǎojìzǐ) – 把(bǎ) – 分成(fēnchéng)

3. Every day they have to attend at least four classes, from the musical instrument to English class,

上(shàng) – 至少(zhìshǎo) –要(yào) –从(cóng)乐器(yuèqì) –四(sì) –到(dào)课(kè) – 每天(měi​tiān) – 课(kè) – 英语(Yīngyǔ) – 节(jié) –他们(tā​men)

4. They separately put the photos of baby, pet, family in these wallets.

照片(zhào​piàn) – 宠物(chǒngwù)– 分别(fēnbié) –  宝宝(bǎo​bǎo) – 放(fàng) – 这些(zhè​xiē) – 全家福(quánjiāfú) – 的(de) – 内(nèi) – 钱包(qián​bāo) – 有(yǒu)

5. People like to drink a cup of vegetables and fruits juice after they wake up in the early morning.

早晨(zǎochén) – 后(hòu) – 喜欢(xǐ​huan) – 起来(qǐ​lai) – 蔬果(shūguǒ) – 杯(bēi) – 人们(rén​men) – 喝(hē) – 汁(zhī)

6. He had an artistic talent but also was a very arrogant young man.


7. The marriage relationship between husband and wife can have a long time or not, it depends on both’s generous heart, and deep love each other, etc. 

心(xīn)- 的(de) – 两(liǎng) – 长久(chángjiǔ)– 间(jiān) – 能否(néngfǒu) – 要看(yào​kàn) – 个人(gè​rén)– 和(hé) – 深爱(shēn’ài) – 婚姻(hūnyīn) – 彼此(bǐcǐ) – 关系(guānxi) – 等(děng) –夫妻(fūqī) – 包容(bāoróng)

8. Bean sprout has a certain number of anti cancer powerful material.

强力(qiánglì) – 的(de) – 含有(hányǒu) – 抗癌(kàng’ái) – 若干(ruògān) – 物质(wùzhì) – 豆芽(dòuyá)

9. Every morning in the park, we will see some people walk barefoot back and forth.

来(lái) – 看到(kàn dào) – 穿(chuān) – 里(lǐ​) –会(huì)– 早上(zǎo​shang) – 每天(měi​tiān) – 在(zài) – 我们(wǒ​men) – 不(bù) – 鞋(xié) – 走去(zǒu​qù) –公园(gōngyuán) – 有人(yǒu​rén) – 走(zǒu)

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