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Omer Kurlender, 40, agriculturist, who successfully completed two Spoken Arabic courses, and is now beginning his third with LingoLearn:

“My teacher for the first course was Ebtisam, and for the second one – Saja. They were both professional and friendly. I truly enjoyed talking to them, and would like to use this interview to thank them. There was actually a certain point where I felt that the course was too intensive, and told them that they were teaching me expressions I didn’t even know in my native language…”

“Both courses have given my Arabic a significant boost, allowing me to form sentences, understand when someone speaks to me, develop decent conversational abilities, watch Arabic television, and much more.”

“I have already referred a few of my friends to LingoLearn, and have not been shy in general with demonstrating my Arabic knowledge and sharing additional information with anyone who’s interested. LingoLearn offers an unrivaled opportunity to study Arabic for anyone living in a remote area such as mine – there are simply no other solutions at the same level.”

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Language Course Reviews

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Ido – Hebrew Teacher


Karem: I especially liked Ido’s attitude and manner of speech. Learning with him was very enjoyable, and significantly helped improve my Hebrew. I received great customer support, beyond my expectations, and I would happily recommend the course to others.

Hosam: I’d like to thank my teacher Ido and the entire staff for helping me improve my Hebrew. I enjoyed the lessons very much and am now able to speak fluently.

Moty: Ido is an excellent instructor, I’m very pleased with my decision to study with LingoLearn!

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Dor – Arabic Teacher


Isaac: Dor is professional and has an excellent command over the Arabic language and culture. He was also attentive to my questions and special requests. I received helpful and efficient customer service from Lingolearn, which included solving technical issues quickly.

Karney: Dor is pleasant, attentive, professional, and knows how to adapt the material to real life topics and to his student’s unique character. I enjoyed learning with him very much.

Efrat: Dor is an excellent teacher with a very high professional level. He knew how to inject the lessons with information about the language as a culture, which made them even more interesting, and used other creative learning tools such as songs and caricatures. The service I received from LingoLearn was good and courteous. 

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Majda – Croatian Teacher


Jennie: Majda made learning fun but challenged me at the same time. She was very knowledgeable and would answer any questions I had. I never thought that I would know as much as I do. Majda is excellent and I would recommend her to anyone!

Adina: Majda was very professional. She showed flexibility and taught me the materials relevant to me, rather than sticking to the pre-planned lessons. I enjoyed studying with her very much and would recommend the course to my friends.

Beginner level student after her first lesson: “I really did enjoy my first lesson. Majda is a great teacher and is very persistent with me to keep trying and I really like that because I need it. I also love how she explains things to me. She also explains the points of interest she uses in her examples in my lesson which is so great.”

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Language Course Reviews

Ofer – Arabic Teacher


Rafi: Ofer handled the course professionally, providing us with enriching content using the Literary Arabic as well as videos from YouTube. As per our request, presentations were sent before each lesson. This was very important for us and, allowed us to come to the class better prepared.

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Yedidia – English Teacher 


Doron: Yedidia is always on time, enjoys his work and likes laughing. He accommodated to the subjects I saw as important and wanted to learn. I was treated very well, every lesson was fun.

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Ebtisam – Arabic Teacher


Yuval: Ebtisam is an extremely accommodating teacher. She was nice and pleasant to study with and the atmosphere was fun. I would recommend studying with her.
Aaron: Ebtisam is very professional, I really enjoyed studying with her and felt she was committed to my success. The course greatly improved the level of my language and I would highly recommend it.
Lilach: Ebtisam is an absolutely great teacher and I am enjoying every minute! She is serious, yet always smiling and nice. It’s fun to learn with her.
Alma: The course was fun, especially for me, as someone who usually doesn’t do things over the internet. It was very easy and friendly.
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Colleen – English Teacher


Shlomo: Colleen is an excellent teacher. My English level and conversational skills have greatly improved since I started taking lessons with her.
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Language Course Reviews

Kobi – Arabic Teacher


Lihi: Kobi is an extremely knowledgeable and professional teacher. He was able to adapt the course format to my personal needs and level, and kept things interesting by using diverse materials such as texts, audio clips and songs. He was very patient and encouraging but also demanding – every time I made a mistake, even the smallest one, he would correct me and give me tips on how to avoid making pattern mistakes. He is one of the best Arabic teachers I have ever had.
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Sujanti – Chinese Teacher


Leon: Sujanti taught classes in an efficient and enjoyable way. She was committed to my success and I felt very comfortable learning with her. The course has improved my language level significantly and I would recommend it to anyone.
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Marceditas – Spanish Teacher


Tal: Merceditas was very attentive and knew clearly how to explain every question that I had. I really enjoyed learning with her and it was convenient to study in the virtual classroom. The course met my expectations and I recommend it.
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Ghassan – Arabic Teacher


Bernardo: Ghassan has a high professional level and he is very committed to your success. The technical support was very good and I would recommend it to my friends.
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Natalie – Arabic Teacher

natalie bar

David: Natalie is highly professional and I enjoyed learning with her. The technical support was very good and I was comfortable with learning in a virtual classroom. The course met most of my expectations and I would recommend it to a friend.
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David – Hebrew Teacher

hanuka 015

Robert: I just had my first lesson with David and I loved it. I’m really excited about studying Hebrew. Can’t wait for my next lesson 🙂 David is a very friendly person.
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Yaron – Chinese Teacher


Yinming from MIT: Yaron is energetic, committed and motivated. He used lots of different techniques in helping me cross the chasm of learning a new language. He is patient, fun to work with and very supportive.
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Language Course Reviews
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