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“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

What is the most effective way of getting ahead in life? I don’t know the answer to this question, but I guess it depends on your definition of “getting ahead”. ·If your definition of success includes such elements as knowledge, relationships and eloquence, then language proficiency is an important factor in your life. ·Being able to express yourself intelligently and with fluency is an important foundation upon which a meaningful life is based on.

language as a tool

Fluency is often taken for granted by people who have never taken on the formidable endeavor of learning a second language. Anybody who has tackled this challenge head on knows just how difficult and downright frustrating it can be to try to internalize the intricacies of a non-mother tongue and surely appreciates the ability to navigate freely within the confines of their own native language.

When a human being is born, his or her environment commences a process of equipping this person with the tools of speech, i.e. vocabulary, grammar and syntax in a most effective, albeit unconscious manner. This process is most intensive and effective in the first decade of one’s life; it becomes more complex as we get older. Mother Nature uses this incredible natural and intuitive system to empower a young child and provide him or her with the necessary instruments of communication and self expression that enable people to survive and thrive. Assuming it is possible to imitate this amazing mechanism and consciously acquire linguistic mastery; self empowerment through language learning could be equated to a cognitive rebirth. ·

In practical terms, each new language a person attains proficiency in, broadens his or her social, economic and cultural horizons in quite a profound way. But learning a new language does more than that; it actually transforms you and exponentially strengthens your grasp on life and all its wonders. The reason for this is that each language presents humanity with a unique perspective, a cultural and social genetic code of sorts, which are accessible only to those who speak it. Hence, the more languages one speaks the more keys he or she has to the many wonders of human existence and this in itself is most enlightening and empowering.

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language as a tool

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