LingoStories – Personal Interview with Barry Sanders

Learn about the personal experience of Barry Sanders, self-employed, who studied Spoken Arabic with Dor:

Why were you interested in learning Arabic?

My parents spoke Palestinian Arabic. Unfortunately, I never picked up the language from them, and always wanted to learn it.
I also recently visited Jordan as part of my profession, an experience which further strengthened my desire to learn Arabic. 

How did you hear about LingoLearn?

An advertisement in the internet caught my eye, so I decided to call and ask for further information. Actually, I wasn’t even aware at the time that the courses were held online, and only came to realize it when I spoke to the sales representative.

online arabic course

And what was your reaction when you understood that the lessons will take place in an online setting? Were you worried?

Not at all! It was actually a very pleasant surprise for me.
I am very busy with my work, and E-Learning provides me with many benefits – no need to get out of the house and waste time looking for parking.
Once I received all the information regarding LingoLearn’s virtual classroom, and came to understand that I would be able to write, listen and speak to the teacher just like in a conventional classroom, I wasn’t deterred or worried at all.

Tell us about your impression of the teacher.

I was very surprised and impressed right from the start – despite his young age, Dor has a remarkable command of the Arabic language!
He pays great attention and pronounces each word clearly and correctly, speaks fluently and keeps providing us with new and enriching vocabulary.

What does a typical lesson look like?

Just like any other lesson in a language course – we start by revising the previous lesson and going over the assignments we were asked to do.
The rest of the hour is dedicated to new materials – it goes by very quickly and is quite enjoyable.

Tell us about a memorable experience from the course.

I received a homework assignment in which I was asked to write a short essay about my family, and read it out later in the classroom.
I was working on my homework during a train ride, and being so concentrated and focused on it – managed to miss my stop…
Eventually, I wrote half a page and read it out fluently. I received positive feedback from Dor and was very proud of myself – I later shared it with my colleagues and family.

What would you say to someone who is considering taking lessons with us?

What do you mean? I already recommended LingoLearn to everyone I know!
I’m actually very interested myself in taking an Italian course with LingoLearn, once I finish my Arabic studies.

LingoLearn is an online language school that offers beginners level language courses, as well as intermediate and advanced level courses. Learn a language with our experienced teachers and excellent learning materials, in a state of the art virtual classroom!

online arabic course

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