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By David Hanuka – Hebrew teacher at Lingolearn.com

Hello everybody. My name is David Hanuka. I am a Hebrew teacher here at LingoLearn. Before I came to LingoLearn, I taught kids between the ages of six and twelve. It was an interesting and challenging job. I thought I knew all there was to know about teaching Hebrew, but since I’ve started teaching Hebrew lessons online at LingoLearn I’ve dealt mainly with adults. I also get the chance to teach three different levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

teaching hebrew

I must admit that the difference was greater than I had expected. I found myself dealing not only with the material for learning Hebrew online but also with individual human beings; each and every one of them brings a unique approach to our lessons. I won’t lie to you. Some of the Hebrew lessons online that I teach are difficult and require a lot of concentration and significant comprehension level from the student. Maybe learning Hebrew online isn’t for everyone, but the results of dedication to taking the Hebrew lessons online make the time spent worth it. To see students successfully grasp difficult Hebrew letters and begin to read and write, after only five lessons, is an accomplishment that I, as a teacher, am honored to be a part of.

How we teach Hebrew

As I previously mentioned, teaching Hebrew lessons online at LingoLearn also gives me the chance to teach at intermediate and advanced levels. These levels begin after the student has been learning Hebrew online long enough to acquire a solid basic knowledge. The lessons become less “grammatical” and we start to talk more and read various genres of literature. Reading and having conversations as part of our Hebrew lessons online enriches our language and expands our vocabulary. The Hebrew lessons are in the form of presentations. Each presentation contains a main subject which we talk about in class. The text we read, as well as the new words we learn, is always connected to this subject. Our conversation revolves around this subject, but it of course can take directions we don’t anticipate. Sometimes I am quite surprised by the unexpected turns learning Hebrew online can make, such as current events, our own personal lives, and the lesson topic’s connection to these both.

Learn to speak Hebrew as a class

The advanced level is more open as well and consists mainly of conversations as well as reading and comprehension. Our Hebrew lessons online usually begin with a conversation about current events we have seen on the internet and continue with an article or video regarding one of the events we discussed. The topics we discuss begin to become deeper, regarding moral issues or politics, so learning Hebrew online definitely takes us to unexpected places. It allows us to share with the class our ideas and thoughts about matters at hand. In one of the last Hebrew lessons, we talked about circumcision and the way the Jewish people view it compared to the Christian European countries. It was interesting for me, as a teacher, to listen to some of the opinions my students held regarding the topic.

So in addition to teaching Hebrew lessons online, I get the chance to discover worldly opinions – many that are rarities to find here in Israel – among the people I interact with on a daily basis. I suppose that is in fact one of the benefits of learning Hebrew online too!

LingoLearn is an online Hebrew school that offers beginners level Hebrew courses, as well as intermediate and advanced level courses. Learn Hebrew with our experienced teachers and excellent learning materials, in a state of the art virtual classroom!

teaching hebrew

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