Jewish Holidays in Hebrew – Passover in Hebrew

The origins of Passover stem from ‘SEFER SHMOT’, the second book of The Bible. During this holiday, we celebrate the freedom given to the Hebrew people after being enslaved in Egypt. On Passover night, we sit with our entire family and read the ‘HAGADA’, the story about the emancipation of the Hebrew people and their journey from Egypt to the ‘CNA’AN LAND’, today’s Israel, through the hot and treacherous desert.

Following is an assortment of words and phrases connected to the holiday, provided so that everyone could celebrate it properly!

passover in hebrew

First of all, let’s mention the main characters and objects from the story:
Moses, who led the Hebrew people to freedom, is called in Hebrew: ‘MOSHE’.
Pharaoh, the king of the Egyptians, is called in Hebrew: ‘PAR’O’.
The land of Egypt is called in Hebrew: ‘MITZRAIM’.
Here’s something easier – the pyramids are called in Hebrew: ‘PIRAMIDOT’.

The word ‘desert’ in Hebrew is: ‘MIDBAR’, the word ‘slave’ in Hebrew is: ‘EVED’, and the word freedom is: ‘CHOFESH’, or ‘CHERUT’. By the way, in Hebrew, Passover is sometimes called ‘the holiday of freedom’ = ‘CHAG HA’CHERUT’.

The Hebrew people crossed the Red Sea on their way to the Promised Land. In Hebrew, the Red Sea is called ‘YAM SUF’ (‘YAM’ = sea).

Let’s move on to the customs of the Passover holiday:
First of all, we don’t eat bread, instead – we eat ‘MATZA’ for a week.
On Passover night we gather with our family, an act called: ‘LEIL HA’SEDER’ (night of ‘SEDER’ – the collection of Passover customs).
The children play with nuts, which in Hebrew are called ‘EGOZIM’.
One of the customs is to drink 4 glasses of wine through the ‘SEDER’ night – do you know how to say wine in Hebrew? = ‘YAI’IN’.
Passover is also known as the Holiday of Spring, because it is always celebrated in the beginning of this season. Spring in Hebrew is ‘AVIV’, and the additional name for Passover is ‘CHAG HA’AVIV’ = holiday of the spring…
Let’s finish with a quiz: are you familiar with the song ‘Let My People Go’? If you are, do you know how to sing it in Hebrew?

The answer is ‘SHALACH ET AMI’

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passover in hebrew

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