Hebrew for Immigrants – Learn Modern Hebrew

Now is the time to improve the way you communicate and learn modern Hebrew!

Do you feel that it’s difficult for you to get ahead professionally or socially, because of an insufficient Hebrew proficiency level?

Are you misunderstood, or find yourself unable to understand others too often?

For Israeli citizens who were not born in Israel and especially for those who immigrated to Israel after high school, the language barrier can certainly turn into an obstacle, from a social, as well as an occupational point of view.

learn modern hebrew

Learn modern Hebrew – Hebrew courses structured with new immigrants in mind 

Beginners’ level Hebrew course – this course aims to help new immigrants who have just arrived in Israel, or those who are planning to do so, to learn modern Hebrew and gain the basic tools they need to communicate in Hebrew.

Advanced level Hebrew course – this course is designated for people who live in Israel and communicate in Hebrew on a day to day basis at a level that is just enough to “get by”, and want to “upgrade” their Hebrew reading, writing and conversational skills.

Click here for more details on our Hebrew course syllabus.

A difficult language to learn

Hebrew is by no means an easy language to master, which is why so many new immigrants give up on a structured Hebrew learning process altogether. Unfortunately, this decision takes its toll later on in the form of numerous uncomfortable situations, in which they are unable to either express themselves fully, or properly understand others.

Learn modern Hebrew online from the comfort of your home

We offer Hebrew courses and private lessons over the internet, with experienced native Hebrew speaking teachers and excellent learning materials.

All you need is a high speed internet connection, a microphone and earphones and you can start learning modern Hebrew with a dedicated teacher, who will work with you according to your specific difficulties and needs.

LingoLearn is an online Hebrew school offering beginners’ level Hebrew courses, as well as intermediate and advanced level courses. Learn Hebrew with our experienced teachers and excellent learning materials, in a state of the art virtual classroom!

learn modern hebrew

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