Greek Conversation

There is only one thing that Greeks love more than their sun and their food, and that is talking with each other!

This is why conversational abilities are very important in Greece.

greek conversation

Watch our Greek conversation demo from Lingolearn’ Online Greek Course:

A conversation can vary from simple greetings you might exchange with your neighbor, to conversations that might develop with a stranger while waiting for the bus.

– Καλημέρα, Μαρία (Ka- lee-me-ra, Maria)
Good morning Maria!

– Χαίρετε! ( Che – re – te )

– Καλησπέρα ! (Ka- lee- spe- ra)
Good afternoon!

– Καλό απόγευμα ! (Ka- lo, a- po- gev- ma)
Good evening !

– Αντίο Μαρία ! ( A-dee-o, Maria)
Goodbye Maria !

The examples above are a very small sample of the basic greetings in Greek!

Using a lot of imagery, color and expressions is the right course of action for you if you wish to easily learn how to talk Greek.

Good luck!

greek conversation

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