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I want to meet the lady with __________ you danced at the party last night.
1 out of 9
They want to adopt the puppy ____________ tail is long and fluffy.
2 out of 9
This is the teacher __________ I was telling you about.
3 out of 9
This picture, _________ reminds me of my childhood, is very beautiful.
4 out of 9
Jessica, ________ gave me her phone number, has apparently moved to another state.
5 out of 9
James, ________ voice is amazing, should start taking singing lessons.
6 out of 9
Tom, with _________ I plan on starting a business, has a lot of good connections.
7 out of 9
The man _______ stole the money should be sent to jail for a long time.
8 out of 9
This movie, _________ is significantly less entertaining than the other one, won the international film award, due to its amazing special effects.
9 out of 9

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