Present Progressive Tense Exercises

When you begin to speak or write English regularly you will use present progressives constantly. Understanding how to use this elusive grammar aspect correctly can be almost impossible without being taught the rules first. In the present progressive exercise below you can test yourself to see how much you understand about English in the present progressive and see what areas you need to improve upon. So why not try the Present Progressive Tense Exercises below to see how well you understand this aspect of English.

Fill in the sentences with the correct form of the Present Progressive

subject + am/are/is + v1+ing

  1. What is he __________ (do)?
  2. What is she ____________ (eat)?
  3. Where are you __________ (go)?
  4. I _________ playing chess now.
  5. We ____________ cooking soup at the moment.
  6. They ____________ (not) learning now.
  7. ___________ they running now?
  8. Are you __________ (walk) now.
  9. He ___________ talking at the moment.

10.  The dog is _____________ (chase) the cat now.

11.  Yossi is ___________ (fly) to London next Tuesday.

12.  Vered is still __________ (sing) in the shower.

13.  __________ they working now?

14.  What is he ___________ (write)?

15.  I think that he is ___________ (lie).

16.  She ___________ tying her shoes.

17.  We __________ (not) swimming at present.

18.  He __________ beginning to understand.

19.  I _________ opening the door.

20.  How long are you ____________ (stay)?

21.  What is he ________________ (study)?

22.  Why are you ____________ (laugh)?

23.  Stop ___________ (fight)!

24.  Are you ___________ (wear) a jacket?

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