Why People Want to Learn Mandarin Chinese?

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

The following are what people told me about their reasons to learn Chinese.

I would like to learn Mandarin Chinese because:

1. As descendants of Chinese, I think that I should be able to understand Mandarin Chinese.

2. I am curious to know what people said in Mandarin Chinese especially when my relatives came to my house. If they talk to me then I can answer them. Also, I could not choose the restaurant menu that is written in Chinese, and usually there is no photo in the menu. At least, if I can speak Mandarin Chinese, I can ask the waiter about the menu, such as what is this kind of food? What is it made from? Is there menu in English? etc.

3. My boss asked me to learn Mandarin Chinese. 

4. I love Mandarin Chinese. I wish I can speak Mandarin Chinese and understand the movies. In my high school, I just learned to write the characters.

5. I would like to go to China doing business. At least, I can understand the common daily used words.

6. I’m looking for the better job and currently Mandarin Chinese is an important language beside English in the working places.

7. As an acupuncturist, I often go to China participating in acupuncture seminars with a Mandarin Chinese interpreter.  I am curious to know what exactly the speakers said. Sometimes the long explanation of the speaker was just translated to the short sentences by the interpreter. In addition, when I went to the restaurant, I just pointed the guest’s menu for mine and they used a calculator to tell me how much the bill was.

8. I don’t know how to teach my kid doing his Mandarin Chinese homework, especially, is how to count Chinese character strokes. I want to ask your help to teach my kid.

9. I love to learn a new language. I have learned Japanese by myself but for Mandarin Chinese, I need someone to teach me.

10. I would like to continue my study in Taiwan after college finished. I have learned Mandarin Chinese in the college. I just want to improve my Mandarin Chinese speaking and listening skills.

11.  My son doesn’t have an activity after school. As parent, we think that he should take Mandarin Chinese lessons.

12. I am working on the boat. Many colleagues are Mandarin Chinese speakers. Basically I can understand what they said but I want to improve my Mandarin Chinese skills.

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