Why People Want to Learn Mandarin Chinese? – Part 3

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

The following is the continued story of what people told me about their reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese.

I would like to learn Mandarin Chinese because:

19. I just want to improve my Mandarin Chinese I have learnt in the past when I lived in Hong Kong for five years. If I didn’t improve it, I’m afraid I will forget them.

20. I’m a Cardiologist in the hospital. Our government will send my friends and I to participate the hospital training in Beijing and Guangzhou for a year. Though fluent in Mandarin Chinese is not a must but at least, I think it’s better if I can speak and understand the basic Mandarin Chinese before going to China. I haven’t learned Mandarin Chinese before and I would like to take basic Mandarin Chinese lessons for about three months. I often meet professors then I also need to learn formal words to address them. I prefer a flexible time of private course, morning or evening lesson could be better because I’m so busy in working.

21. I am a hospitality student and I would like to take Mandarin Chinese private lessons for help me doing my Mandarin Chinese homeworks such as listening comprehension, translating song lyrics into Mandarin Chinese. I also would like to improve my Mandarin by using your materials.

22. I would like to take Mandarin Chinese lessons for preparing ASEAN Free Trade Area/AFTA. As you may know about AFTA, local employees have to compete with other ASEAN employees and Mandarin Chinese is one of important language in the marketplace.

23. I have learned basic Mandarin Chinese while I was learning Wushu in China for five months. As an injured soldier, I got a month recovery time so I would like to use it for improving my Mandarin Chinese.

24. I have learned Mandarin Chinese conversation in China for two years. However, I cannot read Mandarin Chinese characters at all. I just realized that learning Mandarin Chinese characters is also important. When I was in China, the China taxi driver didn’t understand the Chinese street name I said then he asked me to write (type) it down and I could not. Another experience, when I was working as a waiter in China, the China guest didn’t understand what I said then he asked me to write (type) it down and I could not. Therefore, I would like to learn Mandarin Chinese characters.

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