Why People Want to Learn Mandarin Chinese? – Part 2

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

The following is the continued story of what people told me about their reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese.

I would like to learn Mandarin Chinese because:

13. I wish Mandarin Chinese would be my third language. My boss is Chinese and our company has cooperated with the Taiwan’s company. If I can speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, I will have an important position in the company where I work. My Mandarin Chinese level was Intermediate. Currently I am looking for a private course that can give me a flexible time of course because I’m so busy in working. I have forgotten many Chinese Characters then I will be back to the basic level.

14. I have learnt Chinese from people on the street while traveling in China. Currently as sales and technical support, I am going to China to promote our company products. Therefore, I have to learn the Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and sentences related to the products.

15. Our company often orders the products from the China’s company and the language misunderstanding often occurs. For example, when I ordered the certain kind of product, but they sent us another kind of it. When I complained them with my basic Mandarin Chinese, I didn’t understand what they said and they cannot speak English.

Another thing, when I went to China by myself, especially in the airport. I saw everywhere written in Chinese and I didn’t understand those Chinese characters at all. When I went to shopping, I didn’t know how to say, if I want to buy something in detail. If I wanted to buy a clothes, I just hold the clothes I want and said “多少 (duōshǎo =how much)?” I want to learn Mandarin Chinese that relate to the travel.

16. I would like to learn Mandarin Chinese because I often to accompany someone from China as his driver and I don’t understand what he said.

17. Our church leader asked all church prayers include me to pray in Mandarin Chinese because China congregations don’t understand our native language. Therefore, I need to learn Christian prayer words and sentences in Chinese because my Mandarin Chinese level is basic. I have learnt Mandarin Chinese before but just for writing.

18. I would like to import dog-related and clothing products from China and I don’t know how to write business emails in Mandarin Chinese. I have learned basic Mandarin Chinese in the past but I have forgotten.

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