Tones in Chinese – Part 2

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Chinese has four tones and one neutral tone.  Here you will continue to learn the different tone pronunciations that have different characters and meanings.

1a. 纡(yū) Surname Yu

b.鱼(yú) fish

c. 雨(yǔ) rain

d. 浴(yù) bath


纡恪(Yūkè)姐姐(jiě​jie),下雨天(xiàyǔ​tiān)鱼池(yú​chí)满(mǎn)了(le), 我(wǒ)可以(kě​yǐ)把(bǎ)鱼(yú)搬(bān)到(dào)浴缸(yù​gāng)里(lǐ)吗(ma)?

2a. 汤(tāng) soup

b. 糖(táng) sugar

c. 躺(tǎng) to lie down, to recline

d. 烫(tàng) to scald


你(nǐ)不舒服(bù​shū​fu)可以(kě​yǐ)躺一躺(tǎng yī tǎng),我(wǒ)熬(áo)了(le)一(yī)碗(wǎn)葱白姜糖汤(cōngbáijiāngtángtāng)。这(zhè)是(shì)一(yī)款(kuǎn)非常(fēi​cháng)简易(jiǎn​yì)的(de)养生汤(yǎng​shēng​tāng)。慢(màn)点(diǎn)喝(hē)、小心(xiǎo​xīn)烫(tàng)。

3a. 猫(māo) cat

b. 髦(máo) fashionable

c. 茆(mǎo) type of water plant

d. 帽(mào) hat



4a. 摊(tān) vendor’s stand

b. 谈(tán) to chat

c. 坦(tǎn)  open-hearted

d. 探(tàn) to visit



5a. 昌(chāng) prosperous

b. 常(cháng) often

c. 场(chǎng) large place used for a specific purpose

d. 唱(chàng) to sing



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