Learning Chinese Exercises 4: Chinese Words Related to Money

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Before you do the following exercises, you can read the description “Chinese Words Related to Money” first.

I. Fill the blank with Chinese money-related words.

1. I think credit card is comparatively suitable for abroad to use.

我(wǒ=I)觉得(jué​de=to think)…..比较(bǐ​jiào=comparatively)适合(shì​hé= to be suitable for)在(zài=at)国外(guó​wài=abroad)使用(shǐ​yòng=to use)。

2. Please you don’t spend money recklessly, is that OK?

你(nǐ​=you)不要(bùyào=don’t)乱(luàn= reckless)…..,可以吗(kě​yǐ ma=is that OK)?

3. I want to buy two pieces of chocolate bread and a bag of white bread. How much is it altogether?

我(wǒ=I)想(xiǎng=to want)买(mǎi=to buy)两(liǎng=two)块(kuài=piece)巧克力(qiǎo​kè​lì=chocolate)面包(miàn​bāo=bread)和(hé​=and)一(yī=a)包(bāo=bag)白(bái=white)面包(miàn​bāo=bread)。一共(yī​gòng​=altogether)…..?

4. That restaurant is more expensive.

那(nà=that)家(jiā=a measure word for restaurants)饭店(fàn​diàn=restaurant)更(gèng=more)……。

5. I give you 50 RMB. Do you have any change?

我(wǒ=I)给(gěi​=to give)你(nǐ =you)50块钱(kuài qián)。你(nǐ=you)有(yǒu=have)…….吗(ma)?

6. Every day I go to the food market to buy vegetables.

我(wǒ=I)每天(měi​tiān=every day)去(qù=to go)………买(mǎi​=to buy)菜(cài=vegetable)。

7.This morning I have made a transfer 100 Yuan. Did you receive it?

今天(jīn​tiān=today)早上(zǎo​shang=morning)我(wǒ=I)…….了(le) 100(yī bǎi)元(yuán=Yuan)。你(nǐ=you)收到(shōu​dào=to receive)了(le)吗(ma)?

8. China is an extremely big market.

中国(Zhōng​guó=China)是(shì​=is)个(gè=a measure word for objects in general)非常(fēi​cháng= extremely)大(dà​=big)的(de)….。

9. Please help me to market these products!

帮(bāng​)我(wǒ=I)……..一下(yī​xià=in a while)这些(zhè​xiē=these)产品(chǎn​pǐn​=product)吧(ba)!

10. Why the price in the market is more expensive than the price in the internet ?

为什么(wèi​shén​me=why)….. 比(bǐ=to compare)网上(wǎng​shàng=internet​)的(de)价格(jià​gé​=price)贵(guì=expensive)那么(nà​me=so)多(duō=much)?

11. I withdrew my money just now but forgot to fetch my card. What should I do?

我(wǒ=I)刚才(gāng​cái=just now) ….. 但是(dàn​shì=but)忘记(wàng​jì=to forget)取(qǔ=to fetch) 卡(kǎ=card)了(le), 怎么办(zěn​me​bàn= what should be done)?

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