Learning Chinese Exercises 3: Don’t and Don’t Want – 别(bié) and不要 (bùyào)

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Before you do the following exercises, you can read the description Chinese Sentences (Negative Imperative) – The Similarities and Differences Between 别(bié=don’t) and不要(bùyào=don’t) first.

I. Answer these questions:

1. What do you think about these three sentences?

a. 你(nǐ=you)不要(bù​yào)吃(chī=to eat)辣(là=spicy)的(de)。

b. 你(nǐ=you)不要(bù​yào)吃(chī=to eat)辣(là=spicy)的(de),是吗(shì ma=is that right)?

c. 我(wǒ=I)不要(bù​yào)吃(chī=to eat)辣(là=spicy)的(de)。

2. What do you think about these two sentences?

a. 我(wǒ=I)不要(bùyào)点(diǎn=to order)炒饭(chǎo​fàn=fried rice)。

b. 我(wǒ=I)不要(bùyào)炒饭(chǎo​fàn=fried rice)。

3. What do you think about these two sentences?

a. 不要(bùyào)乱(luàn= indiscriminately)开车(kāi​chē=to drive a car)。

b. 别(bié)乱(luàn= indiscriminately)开车(kāichē=to drive a car)。

II. Write the right answer:  不要(bùyào) and别(bié)

1. I don’t want to drink coffee.

我(wǒ=I)…….喝(hē=to drink)咖啡(kā​fēi=coffee)。

  1. Don’t be so polite!


3. I don’t want to spend money recklessly!

我(wǒ=I)……… 乱花钱(luàn​huā​qián=to spend money recklessly)。

4. We don’t want salt.


III. Write True or False. If it’s false, please write the right answer.

1. I don’t want to eat Hainan Chicken Rice.

我(wǒ=I)别(bié)吃(chī=to eat)海南(Hǎi​nán=Hainan)鸡(jī=chicken)饭(fàn=rice)。

2. Don’t always play games.

别(bié)一直(yī​zhí= continuously)打(dá=to play)游戏(yóu​xì=game)。

3. I don’t want MSG, thank you.

我(wǒ=I)不要(bùyào)味精(wèi​jīng=MSG),谢谢(xiè​xie=thank you)。

4. You don’t want sugar, do you?

你(nǐ=you)别(bié)糖(táng=sugar),是吗(shì ma)?

5. Don’t speak lie.

不要(bùyào)说谎(shuō​huǎng=to lie)。

6. You don’t want cold water, do you?

你(nǐ=you)是不是(to be or not)别(bié)冷水(lěng​shuǐ=cold water)?

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