Learning Chinese Exercises 2: Chinese Words for Receive: 收到(shōudào), 得到(dédào) and受到(shòudào)

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Before you do the following exercises, you can read the description “Chinese Words for Receive: 收到(shōudào), 得到(dédào) and受到(shòudào)” first.

Choose the right answer收到(shōudào), 得到(dédào) and受到(shòudào)

1. I got 100 on my exam.

我(wǒ=I)考试(kǎoshì=exam)……了(le)100(yībǎi) 分(fēn =mark)。

2. I haven’t received your email yet.


3. They perhaps receive bad influences in daily lives.

在(zài=at)生活(shēng​huó​=life)中(zhōng=in),他们(tā​men=they) 也许(yěxǔ=perhaps)….了(le) 不好(bù​hǎo=no good)的(de)影响(yǐng​xiǎng=influence)。

4.Where did you get this thing?

你(nǐ=you)这(zhè=this)个(ge=a measure word for things)东西(dōng​xi=thing)从(cóng=from)哪里(nǎ​lǐ=where)。。。。的(de)?

5. Yesterday I transferred 50 Yuan. Did you receive it?

昨天(zuó​tiān=yesterday)我(wǒ=I)转账(zhuǎn​zhàng​=to transfer (money to a bank account))了(le) 50(wǔ​shí) 元(yuán​)。你(nǐ=you)…..了(le)吗(ma)?

6. Drunk drivers will receive the punishment of traffic police division.

酒后驾车(jiǔ​hòu​jià​chē= driving under the influence)是(shì=is)要(yào=will)….. 交警(jiāo​jǐng=traffic police)部门(bù​mén= division)处罚(chǔ​fá=punishment)的(de)。

Answer this question:

1. What do you think about these three sentences?

A. 前天(qiántiān=two days ago)我(wǒ=I)得到(dédào)了(le)一(yī=a)束(shù= a bunch of flowers)感谢(gǎnxiè=thank you)的(de)鲜花(xiānhuā=fresh flowers)。

B. 前天(qiántiān=two days ago)我(wǒ=I)收到(shōudào)了(le)一(yī=a)束(shù= a bunch of flowers)感谢(gǎnxiè=thank you)的(de)鲜花(xiānhuā=fresh flowers)。

C. 前天(qiántiān=two days ago)我(wǒ=I) 受到(shòudào)了(le)一(yī=a)束(shù= a bunch of flowers)感谢(gǎnxiè=thank you)的(de)鲜花(xiānhuā=fresh flowers)。

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