Learning Chinese Exercises 1: “Chinese Words for Original and Originally: 本来(běnlái) vs. 原来(yuánlái)”

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Before you do the following exercises, you can read the description “Chinese Words for Original and Originally: 本来(běnlái) vs. 原来(yuánlái)” first.

Choose the right answer: 本来(běnlái), 原来(yuánlái) or both is OK

1. I originally didn’t want to buy clothes, but if I didn’t buy them then I would feel slightly sorry.

我(wǒ=I)……..是(shì=is)不(bù=not)想(​xiǎng=want)买(mǎi=to buy)衣服(yī​fu= clothes)的(de),可是(kě​shì=but)不(bù=not)买(mǎi=to buy)又(yòu= (used for emphasis))有点(yǒu​diǎn=slightly)过意不去(guò​yì​bù​qù=to feel sorry)。

2. The original software version of his mobile phone is V10D.

他的(tāde=his)手机(shǒu​jī=mobile phone)…….的(de)软件(ruǎn​jiàn=software)版本(bǎn​běn=version)是(shì=is)V10D。

3. I originally lived in Hongkong, later I moved to Israel.

我(wǒ=I)……….住(zhù=to live)在(zài=at)香港(Xiāng​gǎng=Hongkong) ,后来(hòu​lái​=later)搬到(bān​dào=to move) 了(de)以色列(Yǐ​sè​liè=Israel)。

4. Of course, males who like ballet are a few.

男性(nán​xìng=male)喜欢(xǐ​huan=like)芭蕾舞(bā​lěi​wǔ=ballet)的(de)……就(jiù=then)少(shǎo=a few)。

5. I thought cooking is easy as it turns out, it’s extremely difficult.

我(wǒ=I)以为(yǐ​wéi=to think mistakenly)做菜(zuò​cài​=to cook)很(hěn=very)容易(róng​yì=easy),……..非常(fēi​cháng=extremely)难(nán=difficult)。

6. Of course, the winter is very cold, isn’t it?


7. Originally, I don’t like to eat snack.

我(wǒ=I)………不(bù=not)喜欢(xǐ​huan=like)吃(chī​=to eat)零食(líng​shí=snack)的(de)。

  1. No wonder your marks are very low, as it turns out you play games all day long.

怪不得(guài​bu​de=no wonder)你的(nǐde=your)分数(fēn​shù=mark)很(hěn​=very)差(chà= poorly),…….一天到晚(yī​tiān​dào​wǎn= all day long)打(dǎ=to play)游戏(yóu​xì=game)。

  1. I originally do not like playing games, but the more I play, the more fun it is.

我(wǒ=I)….不(bù=not)喜欢(xǐ​huan=like) 打(dǎ=to play)游戏(yóuxì=game)的(de),不过(bù​guò=but)越(yuè=the more)打(dǎ=to play)越(yuè=the more)好玩(hǎo​wán=fun)。

10. Of course, you are exactly a games fan, aren’t you?

你(nǐ=you)……就是(jiù​shì= exactly)游戏(yóu​xì=games)迷(mí=fan)嘛(ma)。 

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