For Newbie Students: How Long I Can Speak Mandarin Chinese Fluently?

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

“How Long I Can Speak Mandarin Chinese Fluently?” This is the common question people asked me when they would like to take lesson with me.

Yes, the short answer is that depends on the students.  But here I will show some examples that may help newbie students to estimate how long they can speak Mandarin Chinese fluently and they can learn what makes the students learn Mandarin Chinese faster.

Example 1:

This newbie student hasn’t learned Mandarin Chinese before. He has taken lessons for about two months, between once to four times per week and one hour duration per lesson. In each lesson, he always memorizes every new vocabulary before he continues the lessons because he almost didn’t have time to memorize them after the lesson. Currently, he is able to speak basic Mandarin Chinese, such as follows:

1. Good morning, how I can address you?


2. Next month, I will go to Beijing.


3. I want to eat a bowl of fried rice.


4. Does the taxi use the taximeter?


5. I suggest, you should eat a bit more vegetable.


Example 2:

This student was around 11 years old and he hasn’t learned Mandarin Chinese before. To improve his Mandarin Chinese, he loved to write his diaries in Mandarin Chinese, such as school, holiday, hobby and other activities. For examples:

1. I love Vincent Van Gogh’s art.


2. My parents and I went to Tel-Aviv to see the (Western) Opera.


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