Exercise 2:  How to say in Chinese?

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Before you do the following exercises, you can read these descriptions first:

1.Chinese Words for Must/Have to: 必须(bìxū) or 必须要(bìxūyào), 得(děi) , 要(yào)

2. Chinese Words for Additional: 不但(búdàn) or 不仅(bùjǐn)…而且(érqiě) , 再说(zàishuō),  and 另外(lìngwài)

3.The 一 (yī)…就(jiù) construction


#11.    Tomorrow you (plural) must get up at 4 o’clock and go to bed before 8 o’clock.

#12.    Every day you must come to office at 8.30am.

#13.    The meeting is very important, everyone must come.

#14.    I must go to work this weekend.

#15.    I have to work this weekend. (softer than 必须)

#16.    He is not only handsome, but also patient.

#17.    Please don’t leave now, it’s raining. Furthermore, we still have so much left a lot to discuss (just express opinions).

#18.    The main reason I come to China is to go to the university. Additionally, I also want to see my fiancée.

#19.    These are our sample products. Additionally, here is our phone number. If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

#110.This piece of steamed bread is for me, another one is for you.

#111.(Every time) I get stomachache as soon as I eat a pepper. Or (Every time) as soon as I eat a pepper then I get stomachache). 

#112.(Every time) He gets anxious as soon as he sees me. Or (Every time) as soon as he sees me then he gets anxious.

#113.(Every time) he wants to go to Sanya, as soon as the summer comes. Or (Every time) As soon as the summer comes, then he wants to go to Sanya).

#114.Two days ago I watched the television as soon as I finished my homework. Or Two days ago as soon as I finished my homework then I watched the television).

#115.Tomorrow I will go online as soon as I finish writing my article. Or Tomorrow as soon as I finish writing my article, then I will go online.

#116.This bag of chocolate is for her, another one is for you.

#117.This bowl of soup is for you, another two ones are for me and my grandma.

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