Exercise 1:  How to say in Chinese?

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Before you do the following exercises, you can read these descriptions first:

  1. How to Use the Particle 着 (zhe)

2. Chinese Word for Discuss :  谈论(tánlùn) and  商量(shāngliang)

3. Chinese words for ‘And’ and ‘With’: 和(hé) and 跟(gēn) 

4.Chinese Words for Unable To and Able To: 不起(bùqǐ) and 得起(deqǐ)


#11.    The door is open (continuously).

#12.    He is standing (continuously).

#13.    She is reading a newspaper (continuously).

#14.    She is reading an ebook. (now/currently)

#15.    I am cooking Swallow Nest Porridge (continuously)

#16.    I am cooking Hainan Chicken Rice (now/currently)

#17.    He is listening to music (continuously).

#18.    He is listening to pop music (now/currently).

#19.    What are they discussing?

#110.We are discussing job.

#111.My classmates and I are discussing where we want to go to have some fun this weekend. (needs an agreement)

#112.My friends and I are discussing where we want to have some fun this week. (doesn’t need an agreement)

#113.Younger sister and I are discussing where we want to have some fun this weekend. (just express opinions)

#114.He still wants to discuss about this matter with his wife. (needs an agreement)

#115.I still want to discuss about this matter with my children. (doesn’t need an agreement)

#116.She still wants to discuss about this matter with her parents. (just express opinions)

#117.I would like to eat Stuffed Pork Dumpling and Xiaolong Dumpling

#118.She and I have been already working for 11 months.

#119.There are five people in my family: father, mother, older brother, younger sister and me.

#120.I would like go to have dinner together with Xiao Zhang but I have something to do.

#121.A duck egg’s taste is almost the same with chicken egg, but its nutritional value is higher.

#122.Did you find that Beijing is not the same as before?

#123.Though houses are more and more expensive, but she still can afford to buy a house.

#124.If we do not work hard, then in the future we can’t afford to pay the tuition fee of our children anymore. We can afford to raise a child anymore.

#125.Don’t despise others, no matters who he is. We must afford to respect others.

#126.Would they be able to take responsibility?

#127.How can you remember these numbers?

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