Chinese words for ‘And’ and ‘With’: 和(hé) and 跟(gēn) 

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

I. The conjunction 和(hé=and) and 跟(gēn=and) are interchangeable but 和(hé)  is most common used. 和(hé)  can only connect nouns, pronouns and noun phrases.

Example 1:

My boss and colleagues are all Hebrew people.

我(wǒ)的(de)老板(lǎobǎn)和(hé)  (or 跟(gēn))同事(tóng​shì)都(dōu)是(shì)希伯来人(Xī​bó​lái​rén)。

Example 2:

The employees have to able speak Turkish and Romanian.

员工(yuángōng)要(yào)会(huì)说(shuō)土耳其语(Tǔ​’ěr​qí​yǔ)和(hé)(or 跟(gēn))罗马尼亚语(Luómǎníyàyǔ)。

Example 3:

I want spareribs and curried rice.

我(wǒ)要(yào)排骨(páigǔ)和(hé)(or 跟(gēn))咖喱饭(gā​lí fàn)。

Example 4:

He and I have been already working for 14 years.

我(wǒ)和(hé)(or 跟(gēn))他(tā)已经(yǐjing)工作(gōng​zuò)了(le)14(shí​sì)年(nián)了(le)。

Example 5:

There are four people in my family: father, mother, younger brother and me.

我(wǒ)家(jiā)有(yǒu)四(sì) 口(kǒu)人(rén)、爸爸(bà​ba)、妈妈(mā​ma)、弟弟(dì​di)和(hé) )(or 跟(gēn))我(wǒ)。

II. The preposition 跟(gēn=with) and 和(hé= with) are interchangeable, but 跟(gēn)  is most common used.跟(gēn)  is usually used to link pronouns or nouns.

Example 1:

Would you like to go shopping with me?

你(nǐ)想(xiǎng)跟(gēn)(or 和(hé)我(wǒ)去(qù)逛街(guàngjiē)吗(ma)?

Example 2:

I will go to have breakfast together with Xiao Li.

我(wǒ)要(yào)跟(gēn=with)小李(xiǎo lǐ)一起(yìqǐ)去(qù)吃(chī)早餐(zǎocān)。

Example 3:

You are the same as (or with) me.

你(nǐ)跟(gēn)(or 和(hé))我(wǒ)一样(yíyàng)。

Example 4:

A quail egg’s taste is almost the same with chicken egg, but its nutritional value is rather high.

鹌鹑(ān​chun)蛋(dàn)的(de)味道(wèidao)跟(gēn)(or 和(hé))鸡蛋(jī​dàn)差不多(chàbuduō),不过(búguò)营养(yíngyǎng)价值(jiàzhí)比较(bǐjiào)高(gāo)。

Example 5:

I would like to go with you but tomorrow I have something to do.


Example 6:

Did you find that Nanjing is not the same as before?


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