Chinese Words for Additional: 不但(búdàn) or 不仅(bùjǐn)…而且(érqiě) , 再说(zài​shuō),  and 另外(lìngwài)

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

I. 不但(búdàn)(or 不仅(bùjǐn)… 而且(érqiě) means ‘not only … but also.’ 而且(érqiě) is used to emphasize further information in the second clause.

Example 1:

He is not only humorous, but also (very) wisdom.

他(tā)不但(búdàn)(or 不仅(bùjǐn)幽默(yōumò),而且(érqiě)还(hái)很(hěn)智慧(zhì​huì)。

Compare with Example 2:

He is (very) humorous, also (very) wisdom.

他(tā)很(hěn) 幽默(yōumò), 而且(érqiě) 还(hái) 很(hěn)智慧(zhìhuì)。

Compare with Example 3:

He is both humorous and wisdom.


II. 再说(zài​shuō=furthermore, besides) is used to provide additional reasons for something. 而且(érqiě) and 再说(zàishuō) are interchangeable when the second clause is an explanatory reason.

Example 1:

I don’t like Beijing. The city is too big. Furthermore, I am not familiar with the transportation.

我(wǒ)不(bù)喜欢(xǐ​huan)北京(Běi​jīng)。城市(chéngshì)太(tài)大(dà)了(le)。再说(zài​shuō)(or 而且(ér​qiě))交通(jiāotōng)也(yě)不(bù)熟悉(shú​xī)。

Example 2:

Please don’t leave now, it’s getting dark. Furthermore, we still have so much left a lot to say.

你(nǐ)别(bié)走(zǒu)了(le),天黑(tiānhēi)了,再说(zài​shuō)(or 而且(ér​qiě))我们(wǒ​men)还有(hái​yǒu)很(hěn)多话(huà=words)要(yào)说(shuō)。

III. 另外(lìngwài=Additionally) is used to describe a further explanation of something. 另外 connects two clauses, sentences or paragraphs in a lose way.

Example 1:

The main reason I come to Tel Aviv is to go to university. Additionally, I also want to look for a part time job.

我(wǒ)来(lái)特拉维夫(Tèlāwéifū)主要(zhǔyào)是(shì)上大学(shàng dà​xué)。另外(lìng​wài),还(hái)要(yào)找(zhǎo)兼职(jiān​zhí)工作(gōngzuò)。

Example 2:

These are our sample products. Additionally, here is my business card. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

这些(zhèxiē)是(shì)我们的(wǒ​men de)样品(yàng​pǐn)。另外(lìng​wài),这(zhè)是(shì)我的(wǒde)名片(míngpiàn)。你(nǐ)有(yǒu)什么(shén​me)问题(wèntí),请(qǐng)尽管(jǐnguǎn)联系(liánxì)我(wǒ)。

IIIb. 另外(lìngwài=another (one other), the other).

Example 1:

This piece of thin pancake is for you, another one is for me.


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