Chinese Same Characters and Punctuations with Different Meanings

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Same Chinese characters and punctuations can have different meanings.

1. 还是(hái​shi) or , still, had better

Example 1:

Do you like dumpling or deep-fried breadstick?


Example 2:

I have eaten many things, but I still most like my hometown dumplings.

我(wǒ)吃(chī​)了(le)很(hěn)多(duō)东西(dōng​xi), 但是(dàn​shì)还是(hái​shi)最(zuì​)喜欢(xǐ​huan)家乡(jiā​xiāng)的(de)饺子(jiǎozi)。

Example 3:

I think Beijing Roast Duck is even better.


2. 汉堡(hàn​bǎo) hamburger, Hamburg (German city)

In the Hamburg train, I ate a delicious hamburger.


3. 会(huì) can, will, to meet

Example 1:

I can speak Hebrew, Mandarin and English.


Example 2:

Will tomorrow be rainy?


Example 3:

In meeting, you are not allowed to play mobile phones.


4. 想(xiǎng) to want, to think, to miss

Example 1

In my lose weight process, I especially want to eat rice hot dry noodles and stir-fry sticky rice cakes.

减肥(jiǎn​féi)中(zhōng),我(wǒ)特别(tè​bié)想(xiǎng​)吃(chī)热干面(rè​gān​miàn)和(hé)炒(chǎo) 炒(chǎo)年糕(nián​gāo)。

Example 2:

Let me think about it.


Example 3:

I always miss you.


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