Chinese Newbies: Practice Speaking Chinese Alone

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

One Chinese newbie asked, “I don’t have a speaking partner to practice with at home. How to practice my Mandarin Chinese speaking?” This is a common problem for Chinese newbies. Since it’s not easy to find a regular speaking partner, Chinese learners should be able to practice speaking Chinese alone.

Here some tips to practice speaking Chinese alone:

1. Reading your lesson materials with voice. It’s not necessary to read loudly, as long as you can listen to your own voice, it’s enough.

2.  Try to listen and memorize the same Chinese audio every time you have time. After memorizing them, then just turn to another Chinese audio.

3. Try to write down the sentences you have memorized by pronounce them clearly and slowly. If you cannot write the Chinese characters, you can just write the Chinese Pinyin because you focus on speaking here.

4. Try to talk the sentences you have memorized to yourself.

5. Try to record by speaking the interrogative/question sentences you have memorized then run the recording, answer the questions like you are talking to someone.

For example, you can practice this following conversation:

A: What is your name?


B: My name is David

B: 我(wǒ)是(shì)大卫(Dà​wèi)

A: Where do you come from?

A: 你(nǐ)是(shì)哪国人(nǎguó​rén)?

B: I’m a Israeli.

B: 我(wǒ)是(shì)以色列人(Yǐ​sè​liè​rén) 。

A:  What is your job?

A: 你(nǐ)做(zuò)什么(shén​me)工作(gōng​zuò)?

B:  I am an employee.

B: 我(wǒ)是(shì)员工(yuán​gōng)。

A: Are you a student?

A: 你(nǐ)是(shì)学生(xué​sheng​)吗(ma)?

B: Yes, I am

B: 是的(shìde)。

A: Are you an employee?

A: 你(nǐ)是(shì)员工(yuángōng)吗(ma)?

B: No, I am not. I am a student.

B: 不是(bù​shì)。我(wǒ)是(shì)学生(xuésheng)。

A: How many members of your family do you have?

A: 你(nǐ)有(yǒu)几个(jǐ​ge)家人(jiā​rén)?

B: 5.

B: 五(wǔ)个(gè)。

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