Chinese Exercise 8: The Difference and Order of Sentences

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

I. What do you think of these sentences?

1a. 有一天(yǒuyītiān)我(wǒ)没(méi)戴(dài)眼镜(yǎn​jìng)走(zǒu)在(zài)路上(lù​shang),看见(kàn​jiàn)一(yī)个(gè)很(hěn)熟悉(shú​xī)的(de)人(rén),后来(hòu​lái)才(cái)发现(fā​xiàn)原来(yuán​lái)是(shì)一面(yī​miàn)镜子(jìng​zi)。

b. 有一天(yǒuyītiān)我(wǒ)没(méi)带(dài)眼镜(yǎn​jìng)走(zǒu)在(zài)路上(lù​shang),看到(kàndào)一(yī)个(gè)很(hěn)熟悉(shú​xī)的(de)人(rén),后来(hòu​lái)才(cái)发现(fā​xiàn)原来(yuán​lái)是(shì)一面(yī​miàn)镜子(jìng​zi)。

c. 有一天(yǒuyītiān)我(wǒ)没(méi)拿(ná)眼镜(yǎn​jìng)走(zǒu)着(zhe)在(zài)路上(lù​shang), 见到(jiàn​dào)一(yī)位(wèi)很(hěn)熟悉(shú​xī)的(de)人(rén),后来(hòu​lái)才(cái)发现(fā​xiàn)原来(yuán​lái)是(shì)一面(yī​miàn)镜子(jìng​zi)。

II. Arrange the Sentences into Good Order

1. The tour guide takes us to tour the Imperial Palace.

去(qù)-参观(cān​guān)-导游(dǎo​yóu)-我们(wǒ​men)-故宫(Gù​gōng)- 带(dài)

2. Hutong is an ancient city alley of Beijing.

城市(chéngshì)-的(de)-是(shì)-北京(Běi​jīng)- 古老(gǔlǎo)-小巷(xiǎoxiàng)- 胡同(hú​tòng)

3. You can go to the convenience store or street cell phone stores to buy it.

便利店(biàn​lì​diàn)-可以(kě​yǐ​)-路边(lù​biān) -去(qù)-手机店(shǒu​jīdiàn)-买(mǎi)- 你(nǐ)- 或者(huò​zhě)

4. We would also like a piece of soap and a toothpaste.

一块(yī​kuài)- 一支(yīzhī)-要(yào)-我们(wǒ​men)-肥皂(féizào) – 和(hé)- 还(hái)-牙膏(yágāo)

5. Could you recommend a light appetizer for us?

我们(wǒ​men)-开胃菜(kāi​wèi​cài)-推荐(tuī​jiàn)- 给(gěi)- 一道(yī​dào)- 能(néng)-清淡(qīng​dàn) -你(nǐ)-的(de)吗(ma)?

6. Your baggage was misplaced on the other plane.

另一(lìng​yī)-误(wù)- 架(jià)-你的(nǐde)-被(bèi)-放(fàng)-飞机(fēi​jī)-上(shàng) – 行李(xíng​li)- 在(zài)- 了(le)

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