Chinese Exercise 74: The Difference and Order of Sentences

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher 

I.What is the difference of these sentences? What are the differences of them? Are they true or false?

1a. 你(nǐ)怎么(zěn​me)什么(shén​me)都(dōu)记不住(jì​bu​zhù)。

b. 你(nǐ)怎么(zěn​me)什么(shén​me)都(dōu)能(néng)记住(jì​zhu)?

c. 你(nǐ)怎么(zěn​me)什么(shén​me)都(dōu)记住(jì​zhu)?

II. Arrange the Sentences into Good Order

1. In the downstairs, there is a small grocery store that is run by a couple from outside Beijing but still in China.

由(yóu) – 北京(Běi​jīng) – 杂货店(zá​huò​diàn​) – 夫妇(fū​fù) – 来(lái) – 有(yǒu) – 小(xiǎo) – 一对(yī​duì) – 的(de) –  经营(jīng​yíng)  – 楼下(lóu​xià) – 一家(yī​jiā) -外地(wài​dì) -着(zhe)

2. The movie characteristic of scope, size and genre determined the making time period that is necessary for the team work.

所需(suǒxū) – 团队(tuánduì) – 制作(zhìzuò) – 决定(juédìng) – 大小(dà​xiǎo) – 的(de) – 性质(xìngzhì) – 期间(qījiān) – 工作(gōng​zuò) – 的(de) – 类型(lèixíng) – 电影(diàn​yǐng) – 和(hé) -规模(guīmó) – 了(le)

3. Previously she liked to drink plain boiled water, but now she changed drinking coffee.

咖啡(kā​fēi) – 白开水(báikāishuǐ) – 改(gǎi) – 喜欢(xǐ​huan) – 而(ér) – 以前(yǐ​qián) – 现在(xiàn​zài) –  喝(hē) – 她(tā) – 喝(hē) -了(le)

4. Once on the road, I stopped on the roadside then looked at cloud on the sky

云彩(yúncai) – 路边(lù​biān) – 的(de) – 停(tíng) – 在(zài) – 看(kàn) – 路上(lù​shang) – 有一次(yǒu​yī​cì) – 天上(tiān​shàng) – 在(zài) – 我(wǒ)

5. You don’t need to live like a dog.

条(tiáo) – 不必(bùbì) – 狗(gǒu) – 你(nǐ) – 一(yī) – 活(huó) – 像(xiàng)

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