Chinese Exercise 68: The Order of Sentences

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Arrange the Sentences into Good Order

1. Penguin originally loves to live in the water, their innate has good swimming gift.

游水(yóushuǐ) – 水(shuǐ) – 生活(shēng​huó) – 拥有(yōngyǒu) – 它们(tā​men) – 喜爱(xǐ’ài) – 好(hǎo) – 企鹅(qǐ’é) – 的(de) – 天生(tiān​shēng​) – 中(zhōng) – 本来(běn​lái) – 天赋(tiānfù)

2. This movie is not only warm touching, also full of educational.

感人(gǎnrén) – 电影(diàn​yǐng) – 还(hái) – 部(bù) –  不只(bù​zhǐ) –  温馨(wēnxīn) – 教育性(jiàoyùxìng) – 这(zhè) – 充满chōngmǎn)

3. Penguin mother takes over the position of penguin father to take care of their eggs.

接替(jiē​tì) – 母亲(mǔ​qīn) – 父亲(fù​qīn) – 企鹅(qǐ​’é)蛋(dàn) -企鹅(qǐ​’é) -企鹅(qǐ​’é) -照顾(zhào​gu)

4. When China people celebrate New Year, why they love to set off firecrackers?

放鞭炮(fàngbiānpào) – 喜欢(xǐ​huan) – 过年(guò​nián) – 为什么(wèi​shén​me​) – 中国人(Zhōng​guó​rén) – 时候(shí​hou)

5. If I speak from students view, summer vacation time is more tired than ordinary.

平时(píng​shí) – 来(lái) – 比(bì) -更加(gèng​jiā) – 学生(xué​sheng) –  累(lèi) -对于(duìyú) – 说(shuō) – 暑期(shǔqī)

6. Some people like to drink a cup of cold fruits juice after woke up in the early morning; they don’t know that human body always like warm circumstances.

温暖(wēnnuǎn) – 不(bù)- 果汁(guǒzhī) – 他们(tā​men) – 杯(bēi) – 体内(tǐnèi) – 早晨(zǎochén)- 永远(yǒngyuǎn) – 喜欢(xǐ​huan) – 喜欢(xǐ​huan) – 的(de) – 知道(zhī​dào) – 有人(yǒu​rén) -人的(rénde) – 冷的(lěngde) – 起来(qǐ​lai) -喝(hē) – 后(hòu) –  环境(huánjìng)

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