Chinese Exercise 66: The Order of Sentences

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Arrange the Sentences into Good Order

1. In the conference, he has launched the ecology of fishery and done the brief introduction with overall train of thought.

思路(sīlù)- 总体(zǒngtǐ)- 作(zuò)- 了(le)-上(shàng)- 会(huì)- 简要介绍(jiǎnyàojièshào)- 渔业(yúyè)- 开展(kāizhǎn)- 他(tā)- 的(de) 生态(shēngtài)

2.This year’s exhibition attracted many people from China and the high-tech companies from other countries.

来自(láizì)- 中国(Zhōng​guó​)- 了(le)- 国家(guó​jiā)- 展会(zhǎnhuì) – 其他(qí​tā)-高科技(gāokējì) – 今年(jīn​nián)- 上(shàng)- 的(de)- 公司(gōng​sī)- 吸引(xīyǐn)- 和(hé)- 百家(bǎijiā)

3. In daytime, my friend and I went to shopping, as the result I went home a bit late, maybe this made him not happy.


4. He doesn’t know his daughter’s thought about his kindness.


5. Give the present money is not only the money, but it’s also a part of blessings.

给(gěi) -仅仅(jǐnjǐn) -是(shì) -钱(qián) -压岁钱(yā​suì​qián) – 祝福(zhùfú) – 一(yī) – 给(gěi)- 的(de)- 是(shì)- 不(bù)- 份(fèn) – 更(gèng)- 更(gèng)

6. I am extremely sure he definitely has another woman.

他(tā)- 别的(bié​de)- 有(yǒu​)- 确定(quèdìng)-女人(nǚ​rén)- 非常(fēi​cháng)- 了(le)- 肯定(kěn​dìng)- 我(wǒ)

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