Chinese Exercise 18: How to Say in Chinese?

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

1. Xiao Zhang, I heard you will go to the Europe the day after tomorrow. Right?

2. No, I will go to China.

3. Which city will you go to?

4. I will go to Beijing.

5. With whom will you go?

6. I will go with my two friends.

7. May I go with you?

8. Of course.

9. No, I’m just kidding.

10. How long you will be there?

11. How many days you will be there?

12. Maybe a week, I don’t know.

13. I will be there about more than two weeks.

14. What are you doing in China?

15. I come to China for traveling.

16. I come to China for business trip.

17. Where will you stay in China?

18. Will you stay in hotel?

19. No, I will stay in my relative’s house.

20. When do you come back?

21. I don’t know, maybe next Monday.

22. I would like to treat you to lunch. Do you have time?

23. Yes, thank you.

24. Do you like Chinese food?

25. Of course.

26. What are your favorite Chinese food?

27. Xiao Long Bao Dumplings, Hainan Fried Chicken, and so on.

28. How about Kung Pao Chicken? Steamed Bun? Hot Spicy Soup?

29. I like Kung Pao Chicken and Steamed Bun but don’t like Hot Spicy Soup. It’s too spicy.

30. Do you like Tsingtao Beer? Soy milk?

31. Yes, I like soy milk but I don’t like any beer.

32. Green tea or perfume tea is also OK.

33. OK, let’s order them.

34. Waiter, do you have the English menu? I cant read Chinese.

35. Yes, here you are.

36. Sorry, we don’t have it.

37. Waiter, what is this dish?

38. What is the food made from?

39. It is made from pork, it’s called Filled Sausage

40. It is made from beef, it’s called Chinese Meatballs.

41. Have you been to China?

42. Yes, I have. This is my third time.

43. Besides Beijing, have you ever been in other places?

44. Shanghai, Hainan etc.

45. No, I haven’t been to other places besides Beijing.

46. May I know what time your plane will take off?

47. When your plane will land?

48. I can deliver you to the airport.

49. No, you don’t need to deliver me.

50. OK, have a safe and pleasant journey.

51. Thank you

52. See you next Monday.

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