Chinese Business for Beginners: How do I Learn Mandarin Chinese Business Language?

By Sujanti Djuanda – LingoLearn Chinese Teacher

Someone asked me, “I have not learned Chinese before. I only want to learn business Mandarin Chinese language, not daily Mandarin Chinese. Can I?”

As my experience, it’s difficult for Chinese newbies to directly learn business Chinese because they still have problem about pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and listening.

The best way, learn basic daily Chinese business-related first, such as greetings, talking about date-time, profession, buying- selling, inviting someone for lunch or dinner, then just learn business Mandarin Chinese language.

Basic daily Chinese business-related is easier to learn, it’s suitable for Chinese newbies who want to learn business Chinese.

I. Basic daily Chinese business-related:

Example 1:

I would like to buy a household product.


Example 2:

Today I would like to invite your for dinner.


Example 3:

What time is it?


II. Business Mandarin Chinese:

Example 1:

We have analyzed all brands of almost all home rechargeable tools on the current market.


Example 2:

If the company wants to increase the sales, they may use the sales-related method.


Example 3:

Many different methods often existed between both sides in the product cooperation.


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