Why Learn Arabic? – Reasons to Learn Arabic

1.Vacation in Dubai

I have heard a lot about the city of Dubai. It is considered to be one of the richest cities in the world. With its luxurious hotels and massive skyscrapers, it tops the record for the tallest building, “Burj Khalifa”. Its awe-inspiring height sits at an impressive 2,716.5 feet. It has more than 160 floors. Its observation deck at the top of the structure, in itself, sets a world record for the highest observation point in the world. It is my dream to visit Dubai. I know I won’t be disappointed, entertainment-wise, after a “splurge” in the luxury capital of the world. I’m just not sure how my wallet feels.

2. Career enhancement

Why learn Arabic? Because I could expand my skills. Employers are always seeking those types of talents in potential new hires. I also work with HTML & CSS in web design. This would give me the edge I need to be able to translate web documents myself and eliminate the “middle guy”.

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3. Communication with Arabs

I think this reason for learning Arabic kind of speaks for itself.

4. Add a third Language

I already speak Brazilian Portuguese as a second language (More info here : https://www.thebrazilianlanguage.com) . Why not add Arabic to my repertoire?

5. Language Challenge

While there are tongues even more challenging than Arabic, I think it comes close to topping the list.

6. Snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh

One of the major reasons to learn Arabic is to travel; there are many resorts along Egypt’s Red Sea for tourists to embark upon their snorkeling adventures.

This also means there are sections of beach populated by the locals where tourists normally don’t get the chance to visit due to the communication gap. By engaging in conversation, I could diversify my adventures.

7. Add to My Vocabulary

I have already picked up a few words in Arabic along my journey through life. Why not add more?

8. Create a Music Challenge

Why learn Arabic? Because I really enjoy singing! I always wanted to be able to sing in another language. It would be interesting to see how the lyrics fit in the form of a different tongue.

9. Learn to Write Arabic

Obviously another one of the major reasons for learning Arabic is its place in the business world. In my opinion, writing (of course) would not be an easy skill to master. But just imagine the benefits: being able to write to a pen pal, get Arabic speaking clients, chat online, write business letters in Arabic….

10. Show of Respect

I have met some very respectful, intelligent, warm-hearted Arabs. What other way to show my gratitude than to learn their language?

These are my reasons for learning Arabic. I just don’t see how you can pass on such an opportunity!

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