Benefits of Learning Arabic – the Advantages of Learning Arabic

I just came back from an interesting trip in India that made me think about the benefits of learning Arabic.

As someone who always looks for cheap flights, one of the best options for a flight is the Jordanian Airlines (Royal Jordanian).

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Unfortunately, the cheap flight had it’s price. Due to scarcity of seats, I had to stay one night at the Jordanian capital Amman; this night made me understand the unique advantages of learning Arabic. When I arrived in Amman from Delhi, I did my best to get a flight for the same day. After all, Amman is not really an attractive touristic destination compared to Cairo or Dubai.

Alas, no seats were available so I strolled to the hotel bus with thoughts of despair, hoping that time will pass as fast as possible before coming home. Suprisingly, I had a great time that actually made me wish that the flight would be delayed again to allow me to stay there for more time after I realized the great benefits of learning Arabic.

The reason was the people I met; some knowledge that I already had of Arabic allowed to communicate and fully understand the advantages of learning Arabic.

I met many people during the little time that I spent in Amman, people from all over the Arab world – from Lybia to Algeria. After spending some time with them and getting to know them, I realized that the advantages of learning Arabic are vast and most of us should take the time to learn this amazing language.

Speaking Arabic has provided me with the unique opportunity to exchange views and discuss with people that I usually can never speak to.

Apparantly, fear and apathy come more easily when you don’t speak the other side’s language, but it is much harder to dislike a person after you get to know them – especially if you speak their language. It is much easier to exchange, discuss, and explain your views and also understand the views of the other side when speaking a mutual language, so the benefits of speaking Arabic are immense.

Knowing Arabic has granted me the unique experience of making friends from many countries; I wholeheartedly recommend it.

This experience can only happen if we realize the advantages of learning arabic and start learning the language of the other party. This is considered impressive by the other side of course, since you have taken the time to study and practice a language that is not yours.

There is a saying in Arabic that goes like this: “The path to the heart of a person has to do with knowing their language”

الطريق الى قلب الاشلام تمرق بمعرفة اللغة

We at strongly believe in that saying and in the benefirts of learning Arabic. Knowing more languages allows us to get to know people we wouldn’t usually be able to talk to and allows us all to regard the other side with respect even if we agree not to agree on our Political or Religious views.

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