Basic Arabic Words – Arabic Vocabulary

The next article will present some Arabic vocabulary which will help you set the foundation for learning the language.
Learning new languages is not an easy task. we’re sure you can recall how complicated it was to run a simple conversation in a foreign language, or watch TV without using the subtitles. But learning a new language can be done with great deal of pleasure and satisfaction, especially when you find yourself running a fluent conversation for the first time.

At this point you probably ask yourself: “But where do I start?”
From our point of view, a good start will be learning some basic vocabulary.

Please see below a list of basic words in Arabic. This basic vocabulary is a solid foundation for learning the Arabic language.
Please note that the words are brought in English transliteration.

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Basic Arabic Words

Blessings, Acquaintance and Politeness

Hello – Marhaba
How are you? – Kif Halak
What is your name? – Shu Ismak
My name is.. – Ismi
Thanks – Shukran
You Welcome – Afwan
Please – Min Fadlak

Pronouns And Demonstratives

I – Ana
You(Masculine) – Inta
You (Feminine) – Inti
He – Huwe
She – Hiye
us – Ihna
You (Plural) – Intum
They – Hume
This (Masculine) – Hadha
This (Feminine) – hadhi
These – Hadol

Directions and Orientation

Here – Hon
There – Hunak
Right – Yamin
Left – Yasar
North – Shamal
South – Janub
East – Sharq
West – Gharb
How much Is this? – Qadish Hadha
Expensive – Ghali
Cheap – Rakhis 

Now that you’ve had a small taste of Basic Arabic words, we recommend you to continue and enrich your vocabulary using this website’s sources and others.
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