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  السلام عليكم

A(l)Salam Alekum

Dreaming of learning or improving your Arabic?

Look no further – LingoLearn has found the perfect solution for you!

  • Learn Arabic online with the instruction of highly skilled native Arabic teachers from around the world  
  • Lessons are held in a virtual classroom using state-of-the-art technology, and include high quality learning materials  
  • LingoLearn offers students a wide range of Spoken Arabic classesas well as starndard Modern Arabic courses  
learn arabic online

Watch the following sample video to understand how our online Arabic lessons look:

Learn Arabic online – our Arabic courses are suited to your current level and specific needs 

Choose between either group Arabic lessons or one-on-one private Arabic lessons. All of our courses are conducted by experienced Arabic teachers eager to help you acquire new vocabulary, learn grammar and sentence structuring, and most importantly – practice speaking Arabic! We also offer online Arabic classes focusing on reading and writing skills.

The advantages of learning Arabic online with LingoLearn are various and significant: our lessons are held in a unique virtual classroom, taught by experienced Arabic teachers, and include excellent teaching materials. 

Why should I start learning Arabic online – and why now?

Arabic, in its many different forms and dialects, is spoken by over 280 million people all over the world, is the official language of 24 countries and the original language of The Holy Quran.

Knowledge of Arabic is the key to understanding the Arab culture and is in many ways the gateway to a meaningful and productive relationship with Arabic speaking individuals and organizations in the Middle East.

Moreover, the Arab Spring has created many challenges but also presents many opportunities for renewed cooperation between Arabs and Non-Arabs. Arabic speakers have a comparative advantage when it comes to taking advantage of these opportunities.  

learn arabic online

Why is taking Arabic lessons with a teacher important?

Many people try to deal with scheduling and financial constraints by learning on their own with written or recorded materials. While such techniques are a great way of augmenting a structured learning process, they can never replace a teacher. Only an experienced, native-speaking Arabic teacher is capable of providing you the guidance and feedback needed to really turn your knowledge of Arabic into a practical tool of communication. 

Chances are the best Arabic teachers aren’t next door though, or even in your neighborhood or town. Instead of wasting time driving to the nearest language school and finding a parking place, get the most out of your time and money by taking Arabic lessons online from wherever you feel most comfortable and at the time of your choice.

By taking Arabic lessons online with LingoLearn, you combine the effectiveness of learning with our Arabic teachers and the convenience and affordability of taking online Arabic classes. 

Learn Spoken Arabic online

Each Arab country has its own dialect. Spoken Arabic in Egypt is different from Spoken Arabic in Syria, which in turn is different from Spoken Arabic in Jordan. 

Our online Spoken Arabic lessons provide you the opportunity to learn how to talk like a native speaker, with the help of a real teacher and high quality learning materials adapted to your personal level and specific needs.

All of our spoken Arabic courses are taught using English transcripts and focus on the Palestinian-Jordanian dialect, enabling you to learn Arabic from Europe, America, or anywhere else in the world.

Learn Literary Arabic online

Literary Arabic is used in written texts and in the media, especially in news broadcasts, and is homogeneous all throughout the Arab world.

Our online Literary Arabic lessons are designed to teach you how to read and write in Arabic, utilizing sources such as newspapers and internet websites. You will learn the Arabic letters, vocabulary, grammar, and much more.

We offer online Arabic lessons for students who have no prior knowledge, as well as an advanced Arabic course for students who wish to improve and hone their skills. Our Arabic teachers and unique learning materials are sure to help you improve in no time!

learn arabic online

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